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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Battling the Foo-ces of Evil

Foo tested his mettle, battling these fierce beasts at the Halloween party at Sean and Renee's.

It turned out they were kinder and gentler than he had anticipated, and gave him Foo for thought when they asked to be his friends. Naturally because everyone loves the Foo!

Foo-l's Gold

X marks the spot, and Foo found the treasure at this punky pirate party. He learned, however, that the true treasure is found within Foo's self, and that pineapples are kind of hurty...

Foo and the Hoff

Foo got a chance to pay his tribute to the Hoff at this Piratic Power Shrine to the German god. Foo was so nervous being so close to his hero, but he made it without making a complete FOOl out of himself.


Foo had fun playing a quick game of football at the tailgate, although next time he wants to play instead of being the ball.

Grilly Goodness

Foo decided to help Dad grill at the tailgate, first by counteracting the maize and blue with his festive orange scarf. 

Foo then helping by overseeing the grillage of fabulous Foo-delicacies: bacon-wrapped scallops, chicken wings, andouille sausages and cheddar brats. Yum!

Something's aFOOt...

At the Circle K... 'Nuf said...

(Foo just can't help the chance to reference Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.)


I-N-I!!! Foo happily got into the spirit by wrapping himself in his orange and blue fur as he got ready to head to Champaign for the Illinois/ Michigan football game.

(It was because of Foo's fighting Ill-Foo-Ni energy that the Illini pulled out the big W, 38-13!!)