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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something Fishy

Foo thought is was a little strange that a random white wooden fish was on the outside of the beach house. It really bothered Foo that he had no eyes, but hey, whatever. He still made friends with it.

Shine On!

When Foo ventured out of the house the next morning, he saw that the Shiner fairy (aka Jessica) had decorated the fence in Shiner labels... Now if the fairy would just bring a keg of that stuff.... yummmmm.

Morning After

After Foo's crazy night singing at the Crazy Oaks, he woke up to find himself a little accessorized... He does NOT remember where that cord came from.

After wondering for a few minutes, he shrugged and just put on his hat for some late morning siesta recuperation.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Upstaging the Acts

Foo and Jonathan became friends again when him bought him a new beer and watched the crazy people on stage together. 

He thought it looked like so much fun on stage that he had to get himself up there.

Then he found the stripper pole, and truly found his groove. Go Foo, it's your birthday, well no, but you get the picture....

Crazy to the Oaks!

Foo had a great time hanging out at Crazy Oaks. 

He started off the night just hanging out and having a conversation with his new Shiner bottle friend, but people started to talk.

They just can't get enough of him and kept wanting photos with him.

He was dazzled by the flash bulb after awhile and knew for sure that he was famous!

At one point he got a little too friendly and tried to steal Jonathan's beer and so he had to be cut off.

Krazy Oaks Karaoke

It was krazy karaoke time at Crazy Oaks bar in Galveston, Texas. Foo kept getting in on everybody's act, closer and closer.

First he stole the limelight from Sam.

Then he joined Victoria onstage during her number.

Finally, he got in on the dance moves with Jonathan, who doesn't look all that pleased with the infringement.

But, in the end, everybody loves Foo!

A Day at the Beach!

Even though the sun wasn't always out, Foo had a great time at the beach with his new group of great friends: Jessica, Margot, Jonathan, Victoria, Brian, Kyle, Tim, Sam the man, and Sam the dog. 

Sam the dog particularly took a liking to Foo.

But Foo's favorite thing was just the peacefulness of the empty beach by himself.

Don't Be Crabby

Foo was fascinated by the holes on the beach when he learned that was where the crabs lived. Eventually he managed to dig up a crabby little friend who was a good sport about the photo, but wanted to remind viewers that they should have pride in themselves and enjoy life. With such good advice, Foo was happy to see his new little friend back off into his hole to see another day.

Just When You Thought it Was Safe...

Foo does his best impression of a land-based Jaws, trying to sneak up on these unsuspecting beachgoers Kyle and Brian. Kyle doesn't seem to suspect anything.
But Brian may have seen Foo's "fins" and therefore he might just get away.

Slow Children Playing

Foo is always amused by these signs that make slow children feel all self-conscious.... Why do they have to advertise their limitations? It seems kinda cruel.... Foo is willing to accept them for who they are.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Foo Lovin'.... Everybody Does It!

Foo makes everybody happy.

And he loves to cuddle, even with strange folk like Tim...

Foo CAN Do It...

Foo starts off his night with a tried and true favorite, even though it's in a can.... He didn't think it was all that bad, actually. Whodathunk?

Walking With the King

Foo was at the store to get some beer, but came face to face with the one and only Elvis Presley. Foo was saddened to find out it was just a cardboard representation, but he still got to get his Twist on!

Roadtrippin' With My Pals

Foo is excited to get on the road again and fulfill his roadtripping purpose in life. With Jonathan at the helm, he knows he'll have a great time and fun-filled adventures to come. This trip.... beach house with friends in Galveston!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peek a Boo... I See Foo!

ALL the ladies LOVE Foo, including his good friend Brittany, karaoke jockey extraordinaire at Pour House in Stafford, Texas. She's a bit shy though.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texas Roadhouse Fun!

Foo loves going to Texas Roadhouse with the aikido crew. He LOVES making Sergey laugh with his crazy humor and antics. 

And yes.... no matter how full you are, there's always room for more rolls!

Monday, May 16, 2011

School Daze

After Foo met all of Victoria's students, they decided he needed gifts so Foo became quickly adorned with a hat and an origami swan. 

He also made a new friend, Eeyore, who just happened to drop by for a visit.

For a look at a bunch of other friends Foo made on this stay at Elgin High School, see his facebook page at www.facebook.com/foodogblog/.

Foo Goes to School

Foo got to go back to school and sat up with attention and was ready to learn. He wants to move to the head of the class because a smart Foo is a happy Foo!

While he was there, he made a new friend, Enrique, all the way from Mexico. Foo thinks his friend might have some native Aztec blood in him.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Great Dane!!!

After the March of Dimes, Foo and friends went to Saint Dane's Bar & Grille for good beer, good food.
And Saint Dane's has the most amazing dessert: deep-fried oreos with vanilla ice cream... sooooo Foo-tastic!

Til the Cows Come Home

While at the March of Dimes walk, Foo wander about to see the sites and got to watch how a cow is milked by machine at a dairy farm. Weird but cool!

March of Foo!

Foo joined Jonathan in support of the March of Dimes at the University of Houston. It was great to see all of the support everyone gave to this great cause.

Art of the University of Foo-ston

Foo wanted to think outside the box, but it was a whole lot more fun jumping inside this big metal box art sculpture on the campus of the University of Houston.

Going Up?

Foo wasn't entirely sure which way to go so he chose to go up river... er.. fountain on the campus of the University of Houston.