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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pretty Bird

Foo had a good conversation with his friend Petey the Parrot... until he tried to eat him, that is. Eventually Foo realized that he was just too pretty, and too squawky to eat. Talk about indigestion! The parrot did.... on and on and on...

Pirate Poser

Foo took this opportunity to strike a pirate pose with his new friend. Foo realizes that all he needed was an eye patch and a bandana to make the look complete.

Them's Good Eatin'

Foo just couldn't get enough of the fresh cooked shrimp at the Salty Dog Cafe. They were mmm mmm good, even the tails.

Salty Foo Dog

Foo enjoyed sitting out at the Salty Dog Cafe with his friends Jonathan and Victoria.
Foo even got his own beer with the cool Salty Dog logo.
But just like any time Foo drinks, the Salty Dog beer gave him Salty Dog behavior! He just loves those tail coozies!

Fly Pelicans!

Foo wanted the pelicans (even though they were impostor pelicans because he knows pelicans are pink) to fly and fly away because that's what pelicans should do according to Scarface.

You Light Up My Life

Foo thought this famous lighthouse on Hilton Head Island would actually be a bit bigger.

But then he realized that, just like most things, it's all about perspective.

Anchor Me

Foo felt anchored to the spot when he found this sculpture or maybe relic in the landscaping around the shops in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island.

Read to Me

Foo is a sucker for story time, but he waited and waited and waited and waited, and this guy never once turned the page!

Don't Rock the Boat

Foo loved this Foo-sized boat made just for him so he could softly rock himself to sleep at night like a boat on the waves. Ahh.... this town thought of everything!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ensign Foo

By the end of the kayaking trip, Foo got so brave, he jumped to a neighboring canoe and even sat on top as he guided his good friend Jeff about how to navigate the space under the docks.
Jeff would have been lost without Foo's guidance (says Foo), as he confidently and bravely yelled "stroke, stroke, stroke" to encourage his friend to paddle them back to the home dock.

Food Dog Row Your Boat Ashore

At first Foo was so scared of being in the wobbly kayak that he refused  to come out and look around.
But little by little, he realized it was actually quite safe and decided to come out and help with the paddling.

What's Up Dock?

Foo was excited to go kayaking for the first time in Hilton Head, SC. The tides were favorable, the sun was out and the kayaks were shiny...
In truth... he was really scared to death to go, but it was a nice day and a new adventure... so he sucked it up and got in the boat.

Somebody Moss Me

Foo was fascinated by the fact that moss could grow hanging from trees. He thought it only grew on rocks, or members of his family that stayed for long periods of time in wet places...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beach Money

Foo was so excited to find money on the beach. It was just loaded with thousands of them. He thought he had made it rich... that was until he found out that sanddollars are sea animals and not actual money.

Family Portrait

Foo loved his time at the beach with family, especially such a cute family like the Hylas!

You're My Foo-ro

Foo's favorite newest family member, Noelle, was a little uncertain about being at the beach, and she expressed her concerns to her favorite dog, Foo.

Foo, who knows no fear when it comes to defending those he loves, got down into the sand to make sure the coast was clear, and that made for a very happy baby!

A Bit Crabby

Foo felt a little crabby when he went to the beach on Hilton Head Island. Maybe it was because it was still a little too chilly and windy to go in the water, but maybe it was something else...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Strong to the Finish

With a time of 3 hours and 45 minutes and only one time using any form of public transportation, Foo and his team finished the Great Urban Race in 192nd place. Out of more than 300 teams, he didn't  think that was too shabby! He's ready to go again next year! Go Team Foo!


As often happens on Foo's many journeys, he ran into another of his cousins during the Great Urban Race. He thinks next year they need their own team because his team didn't take enough pictures of him on the race this year.

There's Always Time for Cello

While Foo was traveling between challenges on the Great Urban Race, he ran across this great sculpture at the Lyric Centre in Downtown Houston that was music to Foo's ears. He had to stop because there's always time for Cell-o.

Chilling Out

Foo was so excited to find Chilly at his first Great Urban Race challenge at the Four Seasons Hotel. Not only is Chilly Foo's favorite sports team mascot, he's just another really cool dog who loves having a good time!

Team Etrolicious

Foo was so proud to be on team Etrolicious that he started rockin' the Casbah like a true fan of the 80s.

Lucky You're Foo

While waiting for the Great Urban race to begin, Foo had some great food at Lucky's Pub. He rolled the dice by trying something new, and YAHTZEE! It was delicious!

Great Urban Foo

Foo was so ready to take on the Great Urban Race in Houston! He hoped he would get to do something fabulous and crazy! And winning would be okay too.