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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

F.O.O. Club

Foo just loves The Flying Saucer bars, so he had to go to the one nearby in Sugar Land, TX. The coaster said to give them a piece of his mind... but he wasn't sure what part and if he'd get it back.
In the end, he was happy enough that he got his very own U.F.O. club card, so he can start cataloging his beers and maybe some day reach the goal of 200! When he gets to that point, he is going to make them change the name of the club to F.O.O.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Five for Fighting

As the game went on and the Aeros lost any chance of winning, Foo got angry and started throwing punches in the crowd. The refs (bartenders) quickly intervened and sent Foo into the penalty box where he thought about what he did and prepared his very heartfelt and earnest apology to the little girl with the black eye.

Ticket to Win It

While Foo was at the Maple Leaf Pub for the Aeros game, they were holding a raffle to win a hockey stick autographed by the entire team! Foo was ready to claim his prize, but then he found out his number didn't win. Fortunately, Foo still got the stick since Jonathan won it!

Throw in the Towel

When Foo got to the Maple Leaf Pub to support the Houston Aeros in the playoffs, he was handed a towel. At first he was confused and thought he had something on his face, but then he realized it was a free Foo outfit so he promptly put it on to cheer on his team.

You Betcha 'Eh

Foo enjoyed his time at the Maple Leaf Pub, where he went to cheer on the Aeros in Game 4 of the playoffs. He was hoping to meet some real Canadians so he could taste them and see if they really tasted like bacon, but all he found were the Aerodynamic cheerleaders... not so tasty.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Workplace Shennanigans

On Foo's trip to work, he did his best to spending his time productively like all good employees... er... he basically ransacked the office for weird things to put on, hence the Illini snowman...
...and spent a lot of time at the water cooler chatting up anyone he could find. This is his coworker Consuelo. He had a lot of different views on things for sure.

Working With the Foo

Foo went to work today. He was very excited to write about Las Vegas... where he's never been... hmmm he should do something about that....

LEGO Church Wasn't Built in a Day

Foo wonders just how many LEGOs it took to build this church, St. Martin's Episcopal. It's impressive since the LEGOs are so small... By the way, this is the view from Foo's office where he "works." Sadly this is not his office. His actual office has no windows, which makes for a sad Foo dog.

Stars in Texas

Foo just wanted to show everyone that he is not only the star of Texas, but he is the star of the workplace. He wanted to play in the fountain, but the security guard would have none of it.

It looks even cooler from the sixth floor where he works. But he warns not to lean too far over the edge because it's a long... way... down...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Cowbell!

The Houston Aeros weren't doing so well in the first game of the playoffs, but Foo knows what the game needed. It's what every event needs...

Center Ice

Foo rocked it out and supported his Aeros the best he could, especially because he was so close to the ice. He kept telling the coach he was ready to play, but Foo just thinks the glass was too thick.

Regardless, Foo had a great time supporting the team and the little tyke hockey during one of the intermissions. He even got to see his great friend Chilly again! Go Chilly!

With a Twist

Foo was excited to see his first hockey game, but couldn't go in there without a little pretzel power!

Foo Chills Out

Foo's favorite sports team mascot is Chilly of the Houston Aeros. He loves him so much that he wanted to try on the giant Chilly hat; better yet, it kept Foo nice and warm in the ice rink. Go Chilly! Go Aeros!

Go Aeros! Go Aeros!

Foo finally got to go to his first Houston Aeros hockey game ever at the Toyota Center. It was a challenge getting past security, but with just a little Foo smile, her frown turned upside down!

Then he headed inside, ready to support the Aeros in the 2012 Calder Cup playoffs!

Castles for Foo

Foo loved that the city of Houston finally recognized his superi-Foo-sity and present him with not one, but four castles for him to use near the Toyota Center.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little Loopy

Foo thought the gardens around the Menil Foundation Collection Library were just a bit loopy. He worried about getting stuck on his grassy island in the event of one of Houston's big rains... Luckily some passersby were able to help him out and get on his merry way.

Big Game

When Foo saw this jack from a distance, he thought he'd really get to play a game, but after getting up close, he shuddered to think of the size of ball that would be need and how he'd even pick it up in the first place.

Free Saint Arnolds!!?!

Foo was shocked to learn that rebels had captured the patron saint of brewers, Saint Arnold. Thanks to the really helpful arrow the scoundrels had left, Foo immediately rushed to the good man's aid. Saint Arnold was nowhere to be found, but there was lots of free beer. He actually wasn't that upset when he discovered he'd read the sign wrong and thus did his part to drink up the awesome local craft beer before it went bad.

Fooray for Fiction!

Of course, Foo loves to read, so when he was helping out his favorite author at the Houston Indie Book Festival, he had to wave these banners proudly (even though they embarrassingly spelled "Fooray" wrong).
He then proceeded to eat up the "Fiction," because he said it was deliciously worded. Bystanders commented that he probably had had too much Saint Arnold's beer at the festival, but he walked a straight line before driving so no worries.

Foo-rific Story!

Foo had a great time at the Houston Indie Book Festival helping his friend Victoria J. Hyla promote her novel, In Death We Part. Foo highly recommends this book to anyone... ever... It's the best book he's read in his life!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hidden Pictures Highlights

After the move from Chicago down to Texas, Foo had the strangest desire to play his own version of that Hidden Pictures game in the Highlights magazine.

Can you find a gnome, 2 black cats, 3 elephants, 5 candles, the eiffel tower, a beer boot, a panda, 2 TVs, 6 candles, 4 picture frames, a yorkshire terrier and Foo?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Protected by Attack Foo

Foo was ever vigilant at protecting the moving truck on the trip from Chicago to Houston while they were in the "natural" state of Arkansas. He does pose quite the intimidating figure!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gay Bears?

Foo looked all over this street corner in Memphis, but nowhere could he find any of the gay bears it was talking about. He wanted to see one in a tutu. Talk about false advertising!

Fly Paper on the Wall

Foo loved exploring another location of the Flying Saucer in Memphis. They had some great local beers and as always, some Fly Paper that attracts more drunks than honey!

The Land of Cooter

Foo was very amused by the town of Cooter, MO. It was small, and he was in and out briefly, but he claimed it had a funny smell.

Bar-B-Q Foo and Arnold, Too

Foo couldn't pass completely through the St. Louis area without sampling some of the local BBQ, so he went to check out Bandana's Bar-B-Q in Arnold, MO.

He had just finished eating when he heard, "Get to the chopper!" He spun around, but just missed seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger fly off in his helicopter, guns blazing, on a visit to his favorite Missouri town that they named for him.

Bird in the Hand

On his brief stopover in St. Louis, Foo wondered if a bird (Cardinal) in the hand is worth two in the Bus(c)h (Stadium), does the team get to have extra players on the field for home games?

Foo for Governor?

Although they asked Foo to be the new governor of Illinois, he couldn't stay very long to help fix Illinois' laws. Besides, he was a little worried about staying too long. He's heard that the Illinois governors always go bad... like fruit left out in the sun. Foo didn't want to be spoiled rotten fruit that is squishy.

What Are You Looking at?

Everywhere around Abraham Lincoln's tomb were statues of men pointing and looking off into the distance. He figured whatever they were looking at must be good because they never looked away. Try as he might (for as long as could be tolerated), Foo looked and looked, but just didn't get it.

Luck of the Lincoln

Foo wanted to say goodbye to Illinois the right way by stopping in the state capital of Springfield to say adieu to Abe and rub his nose for good luck!

After that, he explored the rest of the gravesite and tomb to make sure Abraham Lincoln wasn't a zombie.

Different Kind of Road Trip

As dawn was breaking on the eastern horizon, Foo began his long journey from Illinois to Texas. He sat a while and contemplated his past and his future while the road sailed under the wheels. True, he hadn't been living in Illinois for quite some time, but this morning he realized this was the final closing of that book. Settling in for the long ride, Foo wondered what adventures the future would hold.

Good House, Nice House

As the house stood empty and each light was turned off like closing different chapters in a book, Foo took a moment to reflect on his time here in his first house. It was a good house, a nice house. But... sigh... it was time to move on.