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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Toro! Toro!

After the big Texans win to close out the preseason, Foo decided he needed to do a little shopping. He found the perfect hat that made him look like Toro, the Houston Texans' mascot! Gooooo Toro!

Solo Seat

Tired of sitting on people's laps, Foo was glad to find that the row in front of his friends was empty so he could sit in his own seat (well, two) and enjoy the game that way! He still packs a mean cheer!

Friends in High Places

Foo just loved hanging out with his good friend, Felipe, who was the one that made it possible for Foo to watch the Texans live! Muchas gracias amigo! Good friends, football and a bit of Spanish. You just can't beat that!

Distant Support

Even though Foo was ready to play, he got the call that he would just be a backup for this game, so he took off his helmet so he could see the action better.
But he kept getting distracted by how cool it looked under the closed roof! He's used to fighting the elements in football, but this was pretty neat!

Part of the Club

Foo was so excited when he got to his seats in Reliant Stadium that he just had to show how big it was inside!
It was so big that he wasn't sure where to look first. He just kept turning left...
then right, then left again, just trying to take it all in.

Ready to Play!

Foo's favorite season is football season, especially when he suddenly got to go to a Texans game at Reliant Stadium. To show his pride and excitement for the game he was going to tonight, he put on his Texans uniform just in case they needed him to play.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Flora and Foona

Foo wanted to tiptoe through the tulips, but he just couldn't find any, so he settled for burrowing into the morning glory bush in the backyard.
All was well until a little bee had the same idea... Foo didn't like getting that sting in the butt, which left his tushy really really red.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Karma Chameleon

Foo makes friends everywhere, and from all species, and just loves when he can sit and talk to them about all kinds of things.
Karmie the Chameleon chatted Foo up about going to Paris, and all the things they could see in that beautiful city!

All You Need Is...

Yup. Love is all you need, and Foo loves every single visitor to his blog! Thanks for reading!

There's Waldo!

Foo is always on the lookout for his friend Waldo because that guy gets around almost as much as Foo. Low and behold during Foo's drive through the streets of Galveston, there was Waldo, hanging out way up high.

The Midas Touch

Foo was stunned beyond belief when he jumped up on this giant propeller and it turned to gold! For a moment, he thought he was rich, but then he realized he couldn't quite get that in the car. He jumped around on other things to try to turn them to gold as well, but no such luck... Must have been a one-time deal, or a trick of the sun.

Elissa Here Young Man

Foo was hoping to sail the high seas today, but he couldn't find the captain of this boat, the Elissa Tall Ship, and wasn't sure he could captain it himself. Arrrgghhh!

Don't Get Carried Away

When Foo took a walk along the water in Galveston, the seagull were massive and kept dive-bombing people, like this guy here who was carried off and who knows what happened to him. Foo kept his eyes on the sky after that.

Farm Training

Foo wasn't entirely sure what to make of this new-fangled contraption he found at the Galveston Railroad Museum. It kinda looked like a train, kinda like a tractor.
Shrug. Whatever... it was still fun to drive!

Milkin' It

Foo just loved how much these pails were milking their time in the limelight next to the Railway Express Agency train. Foo just had to get in the middle to get his own piece of it as well.

Riding the Mail

During his adventures with the trains at the Galveston Railroad Museum, Foo was excited to find out that the mail car was originally from Illinois, Foo's home state!

Bon Voyage!

Even though Foo could find no food service, he was still excited about his train ride and went all the way to the caboose to way to the crowds as they pulled out of the station. Sadly the train didn't actually go anywhere... since it was a museum...

Dinner Delay

As Foo got accustomed to his surroundings on the train, he started to feel a little hungry so he hopped on over to the dining car. There was not wait at all for a table... but after 20 minutes and no waiter service, Foo got a little impatient.
He stormed back to the kitchen to give the cooks a piece of his mind... but the kitchen was all locked up and there was no food to be had. Shucks!

Comfy Compartment

When Foo finally found his compartment, he loved how cushy the seats were, and the room even came with its very own Foo bath! How generous!

Quite a Hall

Now that he'd tried his hand at driving the train, it was time for Foo to sit back and enjoy the ride. As he walked down the very narrow hallway on the old train, he even felt a little too big for the space. No big people on this train, for sure!

Foo's Control

After giving up on the idea of being the inside conductor of the train, when he saw this apparatus he knew he had found his spot! He jumped on up and delighted help control the ride in true Foo style!

Conductor Foo

After riding on a few of the cool trains, Foo had had enough of just being a passenger, so he jumped on up and got ready to take the controls.
But when he started to look around at what he needed to do to control the big iron beast, Foo had second thoughts. Although he did color coordinate well, he wasn't too confident with being tall enough to reach all the levers.

Near... Far..

When Foo first saw this train, #555, he wasn't quite impressed and wasn't sure how people would actually fit on it.
But wen he walked all the way down to it and jumped on board, he completely changed his tune, to a hearty, "Whoo Whooo..."

Foo Catcher?

Foo was so excited to ride the rails at the Galveston Railroad Museum that he jumped up onto the front of #314 to go for a ride. When he found out the front was called a cow catcher, though, he reassessed the safety of his seat... Nobody needs cows in their teeth.

Foo Needs a Hand

As much as Foo tried, he just could not get this manually powered rail car to move... Maybe he's just not heavy enough... or maybe it's because he doesn't have hand.

Lost and Found Foo

As Foo continued to search for his friends, he jumped up onto this lady's lap, but she was stuck up and shooed Foo away.
He was so sad and ready to curl up by himself on the wooden benches when this really nice conductor found him and picked him up and did everything he could to find Foo's friends for him.
He even introduced Foo to this nice lady who wanted to interview him about his being lost and get his photo for the local newspaper. That was when Foo's friends finally found him again, and all was well.

Nana-Nana Foo Foo

Since Foo was still lost, he decided he should try to find some help. He quickly came upon this youngster who was teasing his sister, and Foo jumped right on in to tease her, too.
But then some adults saw him and picked him up, scolding him harshly for teasing the little girl who was now in tears. He didn't like that very much and soon got away...

Old Phoney

While wandering around the Railroad Museum, Foo got separated from his friends and tried to use this phone to call for help. Sadly, he couldn't really hold up the mouthpiece very well, or dial the rotary panel...

Foo's Been Working...

on the railroad. Well, not really. He just wanted to visit this Galveston museum and couldn't stop singing that song.

Effected Foo

Foo recently purchased a new super technical camera so he can bring his readers even better photos of his adventures, but his friend Jonathan decided to play with some of its new effects, like extreme red focus...
... and the fisheye lens. Who knew Foo had such a big nose?!

Galveston or Bust

Foo was excited to get on the road again to fulfill his purpose in life, even if just for a sunny afternoon. This time, he was headed back to Galveston, not for the beach, but for museums.

With his bestest friend, Victoria, at the helm, he knew there would be adventures of all kinds.
Still... whatever happens in Galveston....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Too Close for Comfort

Milo felt a little better after their laugh session, but he just wanted to be alone for a while. Foo was not having any of this.
So Foo jumped right into the kitty pouch with Milo. At first, Milo was okay with it and appreciated the company...
...but then Foo wouldn't stop talking and telling jokes, so Milo got a little uncomfortable.
Milo began formulating a plan and looking for a way out so he could have some peace and quiet.
At last, he just couldn't take it anymore and made his move...
... but Foo was right there waiting and watching and followed him into the next room, and the next, and the next... because everybody needs somebody sometime...