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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

Foo had a bad case of some kind of flu. Luckily the doctor was in the park. Even though he had to wait for this other kid to get better, Foo was patient and he knew he was in good hands!

Snaky Ride

Wheeee.... Foo thought this snaky sculpture was super fun to ride, especially when it undulated and writhed. So fun!

Slinky Arch

Foo wasn't expecting to find this delightful spot called Krutch Park, but he was wowed by all the pretty sculptures like this super welcoming arch clearly made from a giant slinky!

Chalk Chalk Super Stars

Foo was walking along and found these shiny super heroes just bursting from the pavement. Luckily they were the good guys and Foo was on their side.
Then he found this really intimidating and fierce-looking samurai, and Foo felt right at home. Some of his best friends study the art of the samurai. That was why he had no problem ducking when the guy swung his iaito at him.

Oh Shiny Ball

Foo went all over town to find a good view of this shiny gold ball. He still wants to know what it is, but he thinks it's a remnant of one of the giant's golden good eggs.

Row Row Row

Foo was really impressed with this oarsman. He must have been really really strong to keep rowing his boat through this lake of brick, especially when clearly his boat had sprung a brick leak.

Little Loggy Lieu

Foo finally felt the true Tennessee vibe he'd been expecting when he happened upon this little log cabin. Sure... it was in a parking lot in the middle of a big city, but log cabin it was!

Super Tall Ladies

When Foo found this gigantic basketball way up high on top of a building, he just wondered how big the actual basketball players were. He discovered this to be the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. Those must be some super tall ladies! Wowza!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hello Dolly

Foo made a bunch of "precious memories" when he got to meet Dolly Parton. She held him close and sang a song just for him so he felt "higher and higher."

Break on Through

Finally Foo found someone three dimensional to meet. This heroic green man broke on through this wall and went off to save the day. Foo wanted to follow, but he hasn't yet learned how to fly.

Go Foo Racer

Next Foo found another kind of challenge, this time at high speed. Foo revved up his engines and was ready to race this guy for glory. Then he realized it was just a a painting and had to calm himself down and move along.

Ali-en One

Foo is a sucker for mini golf, and he learned here that are aliens, too. Foo challenged this little green dude to a round, but the guy refused to get off the wall. So much for that!

Lara Love

Foo was just walking along when suddenly some thugs tried to jump him. Luckily for him, Lara Croft busted through the wall and saved the day. Foo does love a lady who likes violence!

Catch of the Sky

Foo was so ready to grab his giant fishing pole and try to catch this whopper. Trouble was he couldn't get up that high so he settled for just hissing at it. Not all that mature, but Foo is Foo.

Gatlinburg Sewing Project

Foo heard that Gatlinburg was trying to be Seattle, and he understood when he saw the space needle in the distance.
He drove all around trying to get a good view, but the mountain streets made it difficult so he settled for this pic in the distance.

Library Love

Foo is always looking for a good book, and so was this little boy. Luckily for them, this really nice librarian was ready to offer great reading selections for his road trip.

Black Bear Buddy

After all that moonshine, Foo got a bit frolicky and winded up linedancing to the country bear band with this new friend of his. What a sight!


Foo wanted to take a stab at moonshine making, but it appeared that he got a little too into it.... everything started looking a little fuzzy really fast.

Fookes of Hazard

Always looking for chances to brush with celebrities, Foo was excited to meet his Bo and Luke idols... or is it Luke and Bo. He was never quite sure which Duke was which.

And of course he was thrilled to meet Uncle Jesse. He always had a nice way of thinking about things and always reminded Foo of a Southern Santa.

General Foo

Foo always had dreams of racing around the back country in the awesome General Lee, but this one unfortunately was behind ropes.
Foo quickly found a passable alternative in this go-kart replica. Boy were people jumping left and right to get out of the street. He's not a great driver.

Cooter Rooter

Foo has always been a fan of The Dukes of Hazard, so imagine his excitement when he came upon Cooter's place, a veritable shrine and mini golf emporium dedicated to the show. He just couldn't wait to go inside.

On Top of Old Smokey

Foo stopped for a view of the Great Smokey Mountains on his ride northward. He thought they were beautiful, and kind of understood the smoky part, but they were kind of short for mountains.


Foo just had to go check out this crazy dude. Clearly in love, he claimed he was bringing flowers to his girl but was worried about challengers, so he brought his gun and his oh-so-fierce pig dog. Foo thought he'd get there just fine.

Need a Big Shirt

Foo thought things were bigger in Texas, but apparently they have really big shirts in North Carolina that get really big wrinkles that need really bid irons. Foo's question was who would actually lift it?

Grind, Gypsy, Grind

Foo was thrilled to find something just as colorful as him on the street, so he jumped right on up and took a seat next to the gypsy man. These are his people!

Cows Go Home

Foo could have stayed at Harry's Grill, mingling with all the fun and fabulous critters, for hours, so he made the promise to leave when the cows came home.
As he turned the corner, he realized they were already home... just up on the roof. So he guessed it was time to go!

North Foo-linians

It never fails to amaze Foo when he finds he Fu Dog cousins all over. This one was settling in for some good food and nice weather at Harry's Grill!

Heavy Artillery

Foo always looks for great ways to make sure he doesn't have to worry about protection. He just gets really grand ideas like this cannon that really won't fit in the car.
He excitedly suggested this torpedo as a smaller option, but he realized that he would have to leave his ego behind. That wasn't going to happen.

Yogi and Foo Foo

Foo really wanted a picture with Yogi and Boo Boo, but they were so focused on everyone's picnic baskets and flagging down the people with them that they were looking anywhere but at the camera. On a time crunch, Foo just got this one and went on with his explorations.

Jail for Hooters

Foo didn't realize there were criminals afoot until he stumbled upon this Hooterville Jail. They didn't look that dangerous, but he was glad he knew that there were weapons nearby.... just in case.

Dinorific Views

Foo just loved this replica of a one-horse town, so much that he needed to get a better view. He jumped up high on this friendly dino bud and got a good look.

Pig in a Float

When Foo heard that this was Piggy's Ice Cream, he assumed that meant that the ice cream was made from pig's milk. Instead, he found this flying apple-mouthed pig. After asking for a while and getting no answer, Foo realized he had his mouth full and knew it was impolite to talk at that moment.

Untamed Tigers

Foo is a real wildcat, and quickly made friends with this most ferocious-looking tiger. Luckily his stay in the cage was uneventful, and Foo is small enough to get in and out without letting the cat out of the... cage.

Officer Foo Mac

Officer Big Mac is looking a little shorter these days and not much on the quick draw. Foo was able to get him right between the eyes... but just for a photo.

Harry's Piggy Place

Foo was very amused when he found himself at Harry's Grill and Piggy's Ice Cream. I was super fun and Harry was right out front meet him and get him a burger right away.
He thought he was tripping though when he saw the pink elephant on the roof. Foo thought Dumbo was the only one that could fly.
Even Big Boy was there to greet him, but Foo couldn't fly so he had to just wave from afar.

Oxymoronic Findings

Foo was surprised to find this phrase on an awning, even in North Carolina. Silly people, Christians aren't scientific... But at least they make room to read. Foo just hopes they have bigger library than just that one book. He knows a great author!

Cousins of Troy

This large wooden horse in Tryon, NC, looked like it knew something others didn't so Foo just assumed that he was cousins with the one in Troy all those years ago. He was sad to find that he didn't have the right password to get inside.

Nina Love

Foo always gets a little starstruck when he meets music legends, but Nina Simone was so gracious and welcoming that she even invited Foo to play with her on her cool floating keyboard.

Wallaby Murder

Foo was on his way out of Bee City when he happened upon this gruesome murder scene. There was a wallaby down, and they needed to figure out whodunit! Foo is amazing at this kind of thing so he offered his help.
Sure enough, 5 minutes later, he had cornered the culprit and brought this wallaby wastrel to Bee City justice!

Across the Goativerse

Foo knew the Beatles were prolific, but he never would have guess that they had influenced the goats of the world. Sadly this goat had the look, but not the voice. It was baaaaaaaad.

Art of Ninjemu

Emus are so funny to Foo that he just had to get his picture with this one. At first Foo thought that he was just a little shy.
But as the photo session went on, the big bird creeped up behind Foo all ninja style, so quietly he didn't even realize it.
Suddenly the bird guy was there right in Foo's face. He was so surprised and unnerved that he begged for the bird to teach him the art of Ninjemu.