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Foo Merchandise Now on Sale

Cafe Press Store

T-shirts, drinkware, puzzles, stickers, hats and more. 
Buy Foo-featured merchandise at his Cafe Press store! Profits go toward making sure Foo Dog can fund his future adventures!



This Mexican-style Bingo game teaches great Spanish vocabulary while you get to enjoy Foo's adventures with the traditional Loteria icons. The game comes with 10 playing cards and a set of 54 calling cards! It's easy to learn! Fun to play!

Price is $12 plus shipping. Just e-mail foodog609@gmail.com with your order!

Check out El Diablito:                           La Rosa:

El Borracho:                             and many more...

Foo Canvas Portraits

Get your favorite Foo photos as beautiful, hangable canvas pictures. Large are $25, Small are $20 (plus shipping). E-mail Foo for availability at foodog609@gmail.com.

Foo Books!

Foo has collected some of his greatest adventures and made them into books for your reading pleasure! Prices range from $3-$6 depending on the title. Contact foodog609@gmail.com to purchase one today!

  • $3.00
    • Graffiti Foo: The Art of Public Painting
    • Quit Yer Wining!: Wine, Spirits and Other Vices
  • $4.00
    • Under the Sea: It's a Hard Knock Life
    • Fooniverse: Foos of the World Unite!
    • Mythology: It's All About the Stories
    • Warning Signs: Good Advice From the Wise
  • $5.00
    • Dr. Foolittle: Walking and Talking With the Animals
    • En Garde!: Armed to the Teeth
    • Foo-Cognito: The Master of Disguises
    • Hats Off!: Foo's Got It Covered
    • Life's a Beach: Having Fun in the Sand and Sun
    • Mixed Messages: Telling it Like it Is
    • Travelin' Foo: Trucking and Training On and Off Road
    • Under the Sea: Strolling in the Deeps
    • Yummers!: Taking a Bite Out of Life
    • Creepy Crawlies: Insect, Reptile and Amphibian Fun
    • Leaders: Influentially Good and Bad
    • Meow-Arf: The Truth About Cats and Dogs
  • $6.00
    • It's a Sign: Oh the Places We'll Go
    • Pawparazzi: Foo Goes to Hollywood
    • Play On!: If Music Be the Food of Love
    • Read to Me: Adventures in Storyville
    • Woof Woof: Foo Let the Dogs Out
    • Beer Me! Proof That God Loves Us
    • Size Matters: Foo Goes to Extremes
    • For the Birds: Of a Feather Together
    • Grrr Arrrgh: Mythical Beasts and Monsters
    • Road Trippin': Get Into Foo's Car

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