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Monday, June 29, 2009

Time to Rest!

Foo finally made his way home and happily sat himself on his shelf. He loved his trip to Wisconsin and Michigan, but he needs to hang up his travelling Foo bags for a while.


Foo poses outside this famous sausage store in Milwaukee where he picked up some fine samples of kielbasa, brats, and knockwurst! Yummy in Foo's tummy!!! 

The little sausage gnomes wouldn't let Foo inside though, so he had to wait for the humans to buy some. It was worth the wait!

Beer Me, My Friend

After visiting the Sprecher brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Foo wanted a picture with his fine feathered cousin, the griffin. They proudly protect the beer and pop in this fine establishment. Foo gave them a business card in case they're ever looking for a Foo-sized replacement.

Playing With His Dinghy!

Foo had a chance to wrastle this dinghy up to the shore in Port Washington, WI, and boy was that exhausting dragging it inland to the Mobil.

Bridging the Gap

Foo finds a little glimmer of sunshine on this cloudy day in the car as he travels over the big bridge in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Pretty cool!

Sitting on the Rock of the Bay...

Green Bay, that is. Foo decided to walk the plank, or peninsula, and take a look across Green Bay from Oconto, Wisconsin, at Door County! He hopes to get there for some more Foo fun someday.

Stuck in the Middle

Foo found it really cool that last week he was at the continental divide, and THIS week, he got to stand at the exact halfway distance between the North Pole and the Equator! Boy, this Foo dog gets around!

Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine

Foo got all excited when he got to visit the Cornish Pump and Mining Museum in Iron Mountain. He was saddened to find no corn, however, and even worse when he couldn't take it home with him. 

He did, however, get to ride in an old mining train!

Foo of the Mountain

Move over Jeff! Foo is now the sole King of the Mountain... Iron Mountain. No one dares challenge the reign of Foo atop this mighty, mossy mount of massive monarchy!
(Photo 1 idea courtesy of Will Plath)

Funny... it used to look a lot bigger....

Deere Huntin'

Foo took Papa's John Deere mower out for a spin in Iron Mountain. He had a little trouble reaching the gas pedals, but the pattern he made was pretty... awful that is...

You Want Eggs With That?

Foo decided to help Papa cook breakfast this morning in Iron Mountain. 

Unfortunately Foo dropped an egg on the rug and felt bad, so he was banished to the table. Boy was it good eatin' though!

Foo Photo Folly

Foo noticed the absence of his photo on the family bureau of photos at Victoria's grandparents' house, so he quickly jumped up there and made a place for himself in the family photo hall of fame.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Fine Kettle of Foo...

Foo found the World's Largest Soup Kettle in Laona, Wisconsin. He's hoping the town doesn't really make "Laona Lion" stew, but it's better than Foo stew. Really, he just hopes they aren't literal when they invite visitors "for dinner."

Tanks a Lot!

Foo readies, aims, and fires! He loves riding this old tank, and really hopes to find some enemies to shoot at, but in rural Wisconsin.... oh yeah, there're THOSE enemies...

Friend? Brother? Ludo?

Foo thought he had found his long lost Foo brother, but it just turned out to be another mythical creature called the Hoadag, native to North Central Wisconsin. It's the local high school mascot and just really, really freaky. 

There may be some Foo-mily resemblance though...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tippecanoe and Foo Dog, Too

Foo found himself a Foo-size canoe at the lodge in Chippewa Falls! 

He hopes his new friend, Sidney, will help him portage it down to the river!

Where's Foo-do?

Foo took a tip from his buddy Waldo and came up with this fun game called "Where's Foo-do?" Can you find Foo in this field of Foo-colored pine cones?

Hey Jake and Dick...

Foo wants to know if he can be the new spokesdog for Leinenkugel's new brew this summer! He's VERRRRYYYY Foo-togenic and matches the logo!

Gone Fishin'

Foo claims he snagged this monster of a fish this weekend in Wisconsin, but it's curious how he got it mounted so quickly and attached to this bench...

If a Foo Sleeps in the Woods...

He has a great time and he stays at this beautiful lodge in Chippewa Falls! Foo had a great time celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and throwing bags, wrestling on the hillside, and eating till his little Foo heart was content. There was a bad snoring bear in his room, though, so the night was a little ruff!

Friday, June 26, 2009

We Are Foo-mily!

Foo fit right in with the family, especially the cousins! His favorite Foo-mily members were Kayla, Quin, and Sidney, who all smile just like him! 

Of course, everyone else had to get their picture with Foo as well, including KJ and Jed! Foo still likes KJ even though he did give him the bunny ears.

He even forgives Jed for trying to hide him and make him lost.

His Future's so Bright...

Foo decided he had to wear shades when he got to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, mostly because all the paw-paw-razzi were wanting a piece of the Foo! The youngest of the bunch was even trying to draw a picture of Foo! He's just that cool.

Only Foo Can Prevent Forest Fires

Foo found this sign warning against the dangers of forest fires and he just wants to add his own piece. Plus, the shape of the big fire in the Black River Falls in Wisconsin kind of looked like Foo, or a red buffalo....

Looking for a Foo Good Men

Foo thought they were hiring in Wisconsin for the police force, but he didn't quite have the stones to match the other pillars of the law enforcement society!

A Cheesy Foo-to

Foo thought about stopping for lunch, but opted to pose with his new mousey friend who offered him a piece of his cheese at this cheesy store.

Lions and Tigers and Bears.... Oh Burrrrrpp!

Foo unfortunately was eaten by a bear in the Wisconsin Dells. Fortunately, the bear was friendly and Foo didn't taste all that good.

On the Road Again...

Foo just couldn't wait to get on the road again. This time, he's heading north for a family reunion through Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Stay tuned for the futher adventures of your favorite, fuzzy friend...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Foo's journey there and back again came to a happy close as he was fuzzily reunited with his two catmates, Merky (back) and Brose. Now they are all again one big happy Foo-mily until Foo gets that wanderlust again.... Next trip... Wisconsin!

That's a Big Trucking Place!

Foo had his doubts when he saw the signs from the highway that this was the World's Largest Truckstop.

But, just like the interwebs, floors don't lie. Done.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Foo dislikes driving through Iowa. Can't see nothin', can't do nothin'. Foo is not a fishy!

Foo-way Robbery

When Foo visited the site of the first train robbery in the west, Foo wished he could have been there to protect the train. 

Before posing over the tracks, he scared away the deer that was trying to steal his photo thunder. He could have scared away Jesse James, too. Foo Power!

Tell Me A Story...

Foo got all excited and snuggled up next to Hans Christian Andersen because he wanted to hear a story about mermaids, but it turned out Hans was rather stone-faced. Foo had to make up his own story.... The mermaids had corvettes and Twizzlers.... Don't ask.

The Adventures of Don Qui-Foo-te

"Get back, Giants!" yelled Foo as he charged valiantly at the fierce beast in the distance in Elk Horn, IA. Little did he know, he was soon to find out that the evil enchanter, Freston, had turned his giant foe into a mere Danish windmill. He still maintains he won the battle.

Put Your Stamp on It

Foo really wanted to write home about finding and climbing this fascinating site in Boys Town, NE, but he just couldn't seem to find a stamp.

Ride the Pony!

Foo was kind of upset to find out that visiting this site in Nebraska that used to be on the Pony Express didn't mean he'd get to ride a pony. He won't stop asking for one now.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Great" Plains?

Driving late into the night to get somewhere
"civilized" in Nebraska to stay the night, Foo discovered that the most interesting thing in Northeastern Colorado and Western Nebraska was a street found on the GPS that was called "Red Lion Road." Sadly, the manure stench of the region made the photo too blurry to see, but Foo was happy they honored him like that!

Winds of Time

Foo poses outside the Cave of the Winds tourist attraction where he experienced hairpin turns to the top, then a spelunking good time into a dark cave system where all he had was a crazy and fun guide named Bob and a "high-tech" aluminium bucket fitted with a candle to light the way.

All Aboard!

Foo decided he wanted to be a conductor today, so he hopped on board this cool black steam engine. Too bad it was on the wrong tracks.

Local Color

Foo takes a break on this cool and arty park bench in Manitou Springs. He even left his own paw art among the other pretty shapes!

Dude, Where's My Ordinance?

Foo wanted to go skateboarding in Manitou Springs, but... "Dude! No Grinding Ordinance."