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Friday, July 24, 2009

Putting Away the Foo-case

Foo finally comes back home and is ready to put away the travelling spurs for the summer. Whew is he exhausted... Stay tuned for future trips in Champaign, IL, for homecoming and the great Pacific Northwest next summer!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Foo made a special journey into Cleveland, OH, to go visit the house where the beloved "A Christmas Story" was filmed. Look closely in that front window, and you can see the "Fra-gi-le" leg lamp so coveted, and Ralphie's sled on the porch as well. No sign of his gun, but Foo wouldn't have been allowed to use that anyway.

Polka Your Eyes Out

Foo really wanted to see the Polka Music Hall of Fame in Ohio, but alas it was closed when he got there. He did, however, get this picture with the sign. If you look very closely, you can see that the Polka Hall of Fame shares a building with the Softball Hall of Fame.... Huh?

Foo on Kazoo

Foo loved visiting the original Kazoo Factory in Eden, NY, to see how they make the kazoos, still all on the original machines from the early 1900s. 

He even got to make his very own kazoo on a kazoo press, and it was Foo-rific! He immediately proceeded to play "Happy Boy!" to the annoyance of all around.

Buff-Foo-Lo Wings

Foo couldn't pass up the Foo-portunity to taste the original Buffalo Wings at the Anchor Bar, in Buffalo, NY.

Honestly, they were the best wings he's ever tried. Well... they were also they ONLY wings he's ever tried, but yum yum yum! He just wonders where they get all the little buffalos and what they do with the rest of them.

Now That's a Big Head

Foo found this giant Victorian head entrance to a building in Buffalo, NY, quite fascinating. He was scared to go in the building though, not knowing what he would find in the chest of this really big lady. He guesses it's one way to keep out the riffraff.

Frisbee Foo

Foo didn't quite get the concept of Frisbee golf at Joe Davis State Park in Youngstown, NY. He was told the Frisbee goes into the basket, but Foo caught it on the fly and jumped into the basket. Boy was it difficult getting that disc away from him. I-L-L

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Horseless Carriage!

Foo got to ride on this authentic 1908 car on display in the basement of the Jell-O museum of all places. It was kinda rusty, but it sure was interesting! Too bad he couldn't take it for a Foo test drive.

There's Always Room for Jell-O

Foo visited the Jell-O museum LeRoy, NY, and was weirded out to learn that the original form of Jell-O was made from isinglass and deer antlers. Ewww. While there, he got to drive the Jell-O truck.
He also got to ride the fabulously decorated Jell-O cow backwards.

Then Foo worked his mental powers and started to bend some spoons from the interestingly decorated ceiling of the museum.


Foo rests after unsuccessfully trying to pull the sword out of this stone near Rochester, NY. He must not be the one true king, but he is the One True Foo.

Cheer up Emu Bird

Foo visited with the emus at the reptile zoo. They weren't having much to do with Foo, though, because he wasn't made of food, only Foo.

They make a really weird clicking sound though, so Foo was a little scared of these really big birds.


Foo felt a little in the weeds in this patch of bamboo at the reptile zoo. He was just hoping a panda wouldn't come along and try to eat him.

Slowwwww Dowwwwwn

Foo enjoyed his visit to this reptile zoo where he got to watch the speed of these tortoises with utter amaaaaaaazzzz- eeeeemmmmeen- nnnnttt. Really, they barely moved, but that's okay. They're easier to take pictures of that way.

Puff the Magic Dragon...

Well this one didn't really live by the sea, but it did live along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. It was magical and purple and named Burgundy! Foo wanted to ride the dragon, but the dragon would have none of it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Valley Foo-ge

Foo's trip to Valley Forge was educational and interesting even in the misty, then pouring rain. First, he toured the welcome center.

He then went and saw some original encampments he thought didn't look much bigger than his doghouse.

After that, it was time to visit a memorial arch among other things.

But his favorite thing to do was dress up as a colonial military officer. Foo thought he bore a striking resemblance to George Washington.

Eye of the Tiger

Foo felt just like a champion when he posed with the Rocky Statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Then ran up the stairs that Rocky did in the movie! He did it, Adriaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!


Foo just shrugs at this art sculpture near the Philadelphia Art Museum. He guesses it's art, but at least the color was Foo-rific!

Battle Cheesesteak!

When in Philly, Foo just had to have a taste of the famous and authentic philly cheesesteaks (complete with Cheez Whiz and onions).

So, where do you find the best? The debate rages on, but it's definitely between Geno's and Pat's, which actually face each other across a six-way intersection.

To make a personal ruling on the favorite cheesesteak, Foo presided over the great cheesesteak battle: one from Geno's, one from Pat's.

The resulting winner? Pat's by a loaf of bread!!

Foo's Friend Ben

Foo gladly paid homage to the great Ben Franklin by visiting his grave in Philadelphia. He couldn't get inside the fence, so the plaque had to do. Foo sees a little resemblance between himself and Ben. Not likely, but they did both travel a good deal.

He Sees Foo, Baby!

Foo shook his little Foo tushy when he visited this statue of Pope John Paul at the Polish historical museum in Philadelphia because he sees you, baby! Shakin' that thang...

Foo for Thought

Foo walked down memory lane when he visited Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia. He claims to remember being here when he came up with the initial idea to fight for independence from the British. Even though he is quite the orator, the public has doubts about this actually being the truth.

Maybe You Should Write it

Foo decided to act out the "Maybe You Should Write it" song from 1776 on the staircase made famous with that song. But if Foo's the one to do it, he'll growl his Foo way through it. He's obnoxious and plastique, we know that sir. Well actually he's not all that obnoxious, but it fits the song nicely.

Stairway to Liberty

Foo takes a moment to pose by the stairs to the belltower inside Independence Hall where they ran up to ring out the celebration of independence! He wanted to go up and ring the new bell, but he couldn't get past the tight security consisting of an information placard.

Fooing in the Rain

Foo was very good at helping Victoria keep dry by holding the umbrella in the constant rain they experienced during their Philadelphia trip.

Foo for Independence

Foo felt honored to walk in the footsteps of the forefathers when he visited Independence Hall. 

He felt like singing "Cool Considerate Men" or "Molasses and Rum and Slaves" while he was inside, but there were too many people around and he got a little shy and started shaking.

Let Freedom Ring!

Foo was very excited to visit the famous Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. He promises he was not the one who cracked it. He blames that lady in front of it. She looks a bit shady.

Walk of Philly Fame

While walking around Philadelphia, Foo found himself on Signers' Row and stopped to pose with the signature plaque of John Adams, his favorite signer of the Declaration of Independence. Sit down, John!

Well, I Declare!

Foo was inspired to make a declaration of his own after visiting the building where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. So Foo declares that he is the first and foremost cutest, and most well-traveled, Foo Dog in the world!

Batter Up!

Foo decided to become a Phillies Fan for the day after he discovered this cool permanent sand sculpture in a park in Philadelphia. He's really not sure what the creature is on the top though, so he decided that the Phillies should make Foo the new mascot!

Quoth the Foo Dog, "Nevermore!"

Foo channeled the great Edgar Allan Poe outside this historical location dedicated to him in Philadelphia. Foo thinks the poem should be revised to include him in it. He's just as scary as the black bird.

Amish Foo

In honor of his trip to Amish Country, Foo decided to pose with this Amish buggy that was outside the hotel. He was amazed to find that it had a spedometer inside!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Foo's Dancin' and Singin' in the Rain

Foo was excited to go see Katie Rochon perform in "Signin' in the Rain" at the Dutch Apple Theatre. Unfortunately there were no dogs allowed inside, but he got to support her anyway and gave her a standing foo-vation.

Yay to Katie for a great performance as Lina Lamont! And it turned out that Katie had a fan club of her own that night!

Foo on the Farm

The friendly little Foo Dog that he is, Foo made even more friends at the farm in Pennsylvania. He met Larry the Llama, who wondered just want kind of llama Foo might be and why Foo was getting in his close-up beauty shot.

Then Foo got some baby goat kisses from his new friend Goaty the Kid.

Goaty's favorite things to do were jumping off his big rock and butting his head into people's hands.

Why Buy the Cow...

When Foo will milk it for free? Foo took a turn milking this cut-out cow and learned how udderly difficult it is when you don't have opposable thumbs and when the cow is not real.

You Can't Catch Me...

I'm the Foo-gerbread Man! Foo decided to taunt this happy Gingerbread Man with a bit of his own medicine and then run away. The gingerbread man was more amused by Foo than anything else.