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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Which Way Does it Go, Foo?

Foo was about to call Dr. Doolittle and ask if his friend, the Pushmepullyou, had finally gotten a car...
Seriously, which way does it go?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hail to the Orange, Hail to the Foo...

Hail Fooma Mater... Ever so true, so true. We love no other, so let our Foo Dog be.... Vic-tor-y Foo-Dog-Nois, Arf-si-ty.

Foo just had to visit the Alma Mater at the University of Illinois at Champaign. He really wanted it to sit down, but he hears that's not exactly likely...

Murphy's Law

It, indeed, is Murphy's Law... that if you go to Champaign, you must go to Murphy's for a burger and a beer. Foo is no exception. 

And Foo confirms that it was mmm... mmm... good, and everything he'd hoped it would be.

The Origins of Foo...

There are many stories and legends about how the Foo of the famed "foodogblog" came into existence. Although some are based in fact, no one, before this moment, has really known the true story.

Several years ago, at Allerton Park in Central Illinois, two young and unsuspecting adventurers stumbled upon the mythic garden of the dogs of Fu.

The Foo were many and varied and caught the fancy of the adventurers, and thus Foo Dog of the blog was born.

But overall, Foo was just happy to return to his roots to catch up with his family all at once...

... and also pay homage to the shrine of his ancestors that came before him.

Breaking Wind

No... not that! Gross. Foo just loved that Central Illinois is trying to go green to save all the little foo dogs of the universe by harnessing the massive power of Wind-Foo...