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Saturday, June 19, 2010

All in the Foo-mily

Foo happily welcomes two new additions to his Foo family. Meet Egg (left), a lovely little girl, who will be traveling to Mexico this summer to study Spanish and Mexican culture. And meet Yung, a rompin' stompin' little Foo boy, who will be traveling to Kansas this summer to study World War II literature. We wish them safe travels and happy studies.

See Egg's adventures at http://eggsessential.blogspot.com

See Yung's yappings at http://yungsyappings.blogspot.com

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grumpy Trolls

Whoever said all trolls were grumpy, clearly did not have the beer made by these ones. Good food, good beer, good t-shirts....

He Layed a Foo!

Foo was having so much fun with his metal birdie friends that he decided he could help out this friend who had just laid an egg and needed to go get food. Foo jumped right up and settled in to warm the fragile orb and the big momma bird took off. Luckily she wasn't gone long because Foo had places to be!

Love Birds

These two metal birds were so in love that no matter what Foo did to get their attention, they wouldn't turn for the camera. Must be nice.... Foo wants a girlfriend, too...

Big Fun

Foo wanted to show you what really drew him to come look at the metal sculptures. The first one, really held the key to his heart.

He wanted to sit on the other one, but it kinda looked a little pointy so he kept on truckin'.

Pretty Please....

With cherries on top? Foo filled his cherry craving when he saw these enormous cherries dangling from a car sculpture. Too bad they left metal shavings in his teeth.

Happy Friend

Foo's favorite friend on his metal journey was this happy, whiskered wanderer he came across. They paused for a smiley photo before parting ways.

To War, My Minions!!!

Foo excitedly led the charge against the rust-inflicting raindrop warriors with his horde of metal minions following in his wake. Little? Yes. Intimidating? Very much. And the minions were kind of scary, too.

Dr. Foo?

Foo found his own little TARDIS in the scrap metal yard. He jumped quickly into it to navigate time and space. He just hoped he wouldn't find any Daleks.

When You Met-al Friend For Life...

Foo was the Belle of the Big Iron Ball here, making fantastic friends of all kinds, shapes, and sizes.


At the world's largest scrap metal art showing, Foo came across some pretty scary looking, enormous creatures. 

But, in typical Foo fashion, he quickly made friends with the giant beast and posed for a cute, friendly picture with Gertrude.

Art Be Thy Name

Foo found the world's largest scrap metal sculpture on a property just outside of Baraboo, WI. Guinness Book of Records was NOT wrong!

Come See the Wild, Untamed Foo

Foo found himself in a cage during his visit to the circus, and he imagined himself a wild, untamed beast!
He paced and paced and roared and roared, and then, luckily had the key to the door...

Foo Could Take Him

Foo means the lion...
Remember his new calling? Yup. Foo, the tamer of the lions!!!!

Foos of Elephantine Proportions

Foo really wanted to ride the real baby African elephant, but he (the elephant) was just too intimidated to let that happen, so Foo settled for observing from above and riding the fake one. It was still cool.

Finding Foo's Circus Fit

Foo did his very best to find the right place for him at the circus. He thought first about being a Fooman cannonball, but the gunpowder made him sneeze and black is just not his color.

Foo enjoyed riding the Unicycle, but when they refused to name it a "Foo-nicycle" in his honor, he moved on to the next activity.

Next, he tried being a clown, but he hated the yellow checkerboard costume. 

He eventually found a clown outfit more his style, but although he looks rather dashing in stripes, he really didn't think the clowning life was the best fit for him.

Finally, Foo tried his paw at Lion taming, and YESSSS, finally, there was his true calling. He tamed the wild beast and knows that he would be great at that, but alas, the circus moved along before he could sign the contract (and because he can't really hold a pen).

Mi Circus Es Foo Circus

Foo really threw himself into circus life and dressed the part after finding his uncle Gold Foo who DID join the circus! 

He thinks the costume they gave him really brings out his eyes.

Join the Circus, See the World

Foo really wanted to join the circus, so he journeyed to Circus World in Baraboo, WI. 
Several times tried to jump up into the wagons and let them take him away, but he really wasn't good at spying the wagons that worked.

It was also evident that he doesn't really follow warning signs well.

Mmmm Venison...

Although it looks like a mini deer, the gigantic creature was going to be a tasty vittle for yumming the tummy, but it turned and ran and it turned out to be too fast and furry-ous.

Orange You Glad You Have a Friend?

Foo is. He made a new, big orange friend, who was moose friendly. It's good to know people in high places.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Humpty Foo

Foo found a new friend in Madison, WI. He was kind of an egghead, but he did have a good story to tell. However, he kinda smelled like rotten eggs... wonder why...

Fire Foo-ter

Foo wanted to join up and become a Wisconsin firefighter, but they told him he was too small to fit in the uniform properly and he would actually melt in the flames in a real fire. Frown...

Foo Goes to Washingt... Er... Madison

Foo decided to "capitolize" on this opportunity to see the sights in one of the Midwest captials; not only the seat of state government, it's a great drinking town. :)

Sail, Sail Away

Foo dreams of taking a vacation abroad, but for now, he found this vanside painting of Marseille. He hears it's really that blue (and he would be right!)

Fast and Beerful

Foo enjoyed a pint and a Tuna and Shrimp Po' Boy at the Great Dane Pub in Madison, WI. After lunch, he wanted to race the logo, but he was just too fast for the painted puppy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Time for Safety

Foo scoffs at the rules. He don't need no stinkin' leashes.

Home Sweet Japan

Foo found peace and tranquility at the Japan House in Urbana, IL, where he became one with the water and the wind.

On the Rocks

Foo really wanted to act upon the stage again, so he took a trip to the Krannert Center in Urbana, IL. 

He settled for sitting On the Rocks, the outdoor seating for the outdoor theatre, famous for the inaugural performances of Bilal Dardai's A Greater Gravity and After the Rock Left.

Foo vs Quad Squirrel

The battle was fierce and mightily fought, but as the two regaled warriors (the Foo of the Road and the Squirrel of the Quad) turned to go, they knew they had a respect for each other that would be heralded in song.

Can Anybody Hear Me?

Foo journeyed to the Quad at U of I and really wanted to hear what was going on at the other end.

So he stepped his little foo self to the famed "echo spot" in front of Foellinger.

He could tell you what he heard, but then he'd have to kill you... not good for business.

Burning an Eternal Foo

Foo was hoping to find his love for all time at the famed Eternal Flame on the University of Illinois quad. Sadly, the only thing he found was a creepy spider, and he wasn't about to kiss that.