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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Foo for Texas

Foo is excitedly embracing his new home in Texas. It is one of the best state flags, after all.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Advice to Teens

Foo loved this sign, giving advice to teenagers to bascially get off their butts and get a job because they are so arrogant and think they know it all. Teehee... yeah... it's true...

Don't Mess With Texas

Foo is starting to agree with this sign he found in in the restuarant. He's not sure what he shouldn't mess with, but he's sure it's a good idea.

Down Home Southern Cookin'

At this Texas-flag-bedecked restaurant in Waller, Texas, Foo experienced his first Chicken Fried Steak smothered in gravy. Wow, it was really good, but now he's got to watch his figure so he's going to scale it back a little this week.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pluck It!

Foo had a great time at a local hotwing place called Pluckers. Yummy spicy sauces, a fight with a Buckeye fan transplanted to Texas, excellent Texas beer.

Also having Mexico vs. USA in soccer on the TVs made his experience a great one.


Yeah, that's it.

Trip Chips

Foo always loves roadtrips, especially the road snax! He dipped into this bag of potato chips and went to town. He wanted to eat the whole bag, but he needed to save room for dinner.

Holy Cow!

Foo made another new friend on the property of the deer stand in Lampasas, Texas. This cow didn't want to get out of the way, but Foo reasoned with her and made her see the light so she mooooved on out of the way, but requested a Foo-to before he went on his merry way.

Hunter's Eye View

Foo had a great time playing inside the deer stand. The view was great, the shade was welcome, the breeze was cool.

And there was even a little shelf for Foo to snooze on while the hunters do their thing.

Going Hunting!

Foo liked visiting the deer stand in Lampasas. First he tried acting like a deer by running in front of the stand at a distance.

Then he decided to jump in the stand and be a hunter! He just couldn't decide which was more fun!


Foo couldn't even wait until the fudge was out of the wrapper before he started chomping away at the fudgey goodness.... MMM mmmm.

Stop Bad Spelling!

Foo couldn't decide whether he should stop or go when he saw this horrible misspelling at the Country Kitchen in central Texas. 

Or maybe it wasn't a misspelling and it's really just a room for making loud, obnoxious sounds. Yeah... he didn't think so either...

Howdy Pardners

Foo sidled on up to these here cowpokes to partake in some down home country vittles. They weren't too much for conversation though.

Roadtrip to Lampasas

Foo is excited to begin his first journey to Lampasas to go prepare the lease for deer season. With Edward at the helm, there is no fear!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ahoy Captain!

Captain Foo was ready for his voyage. He had both the time and the steering column as well as a compass to point the way. Let's get boating!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Playin' Possum

Hay! Foo found this funny friend just laying about at Buster McNutty's in Livingston. Foo thought that he had a really strawnge structure and was really good at playing possum.

Lap of Luxury

Foo laid back on the posh leather seats of Teke's new pontoon boat as they prepared to get under way and explore the lake in style! This will be a nice cruise!

Fetch it Foo!

Foo was so excited to get his new football that he immediately took it and tried to run outside with it. He listened to reason though and waited a little while until people were ready to go out and play with him.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Samurai Foo

Foo could finally realize his dream of becoming a true samurai when he found this Foo-sized katana. He knows just where to go for lessons, too! Watch out world! Samurai Foo is on the prowl!

Squirrelling Around

Foo made another new friend when he found this cool looking green Mexican squirrel named Paco. He thinks they make a great pair, AND they're ready for Christmas... even in June.

Boat Party

Foo kicks it back after a long day in the water with a cold IBC rootbeer. The sun sets on a great day, but they need to get back to the house for some grilly goodness.

Room for Foo

Foo just loves his new floating cooler party raft. It has five numbered drink holders AND space just for Foo... It said so on the box.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Long Walks on the Beach

Foo took a moment to investigate this clump of seasweed for little crabs and shrimp to chomp on while Tim and Jonathan in the background took a very cozy walk along the beach.

Dune You Know What?

Foo had fun frolicking in the sand dunes on the beach in Galveston. He tried to dig himself into this one, but he was pulled out for fear of him getting crabs. Boy did he make a mess back in the car though.

Summer Gaze

Foo and Tim take a moment to look out into the ocean and take in the beauty of the scene. Beautiful day!

Watch for Sunburn

Foo knows the dangers of UV rays on skin, even his, so he was happy to have the option to get out of the sun in this cool new sun tent when he was at the beach in Galveston, Texas.

Foo-V Rays

Foo just loves laying on the beach and soaking up those rays... He looks a little sunburnt though, don't you think?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crossing Over

Foo was super excited to find this post office that is directly ON the border between Texas and Arkansas in Texarkana. He wanted to send a letter to the post office, but really didn't know which state to choose. 

He narrowed it down to two, but then gave up after he jumped back and forth across the border a few times.

Forever Fireworks!

Leaving Hope, Arkansas, Foo discovered that these people spread the Fourth of July pride all year long with a permanent firework sculpture. Foo wanted to see it at night, but time was awastin' and the car was leaving.

Bubba's Birthplace

Foo could not leave Hope, Arkansas, without a visit to the birthplace of President Bill Clinton. It was a pretty big house and pretty in its surroundings, but Foo knew he had to keep getting on to his own new home to he got back on the road.

Passport to Arkansas

Apparently no trip to Arkansas is complete without the Official William J. Clinton Arkansas Passport. So Foo had to get one. Sadly there was no room for his picture, and he didn't really want to go to any of the places suggested... ah well.

I Want Foo!

While at the Clinton museum, Foo was almost recruited by this jolly Uncle Sam, but Foo was a little too short for the army so they let him slide on by.

Billy Come Home

Foo was excited to visit the hometown of President Bill Clinton in Hope, Arkansas.

The not-so-booming metropolis did have a train station that also doubles as the museum dedicated to this great recent president.

King Foo-tankamen

Foo found himself ready to rule the Nile when he found the biggest pyramid in the U.S. in Memphis, Tennessee... 
Sadly they refused to erect a Foo statue here, so Foo commanded that they shut down the once popular sports arena... or he'd tear it down!

Here he demonstrates its absence and how dashing he'd look as a permanent statue here to give them ample opportunity to consider their choice.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

On the Foo Waves

While walking in Memphis, Foo found himself outside the site of the first all black radio station in the nation. Right on Daddy-O, way to be progressive back in the day!

Memphis Hospitality

Foo had a ton of fun in the Memphis nightlife at Bardog, a cozy town bar where everybody wanted to be in a picture with Foo. He was greeted with great Southern hospitality, first by the really friendly waitress... 

...then by a patron who was a little broken but was all smiles for his Foo-to.

Foo BarDog

Foo had a fabulous time out at Bardog in Memphis. He really enjoyed people watching. 

Then he broke out his Panda Style moves and had a few beers with friends.

White Horses Couldn't Drag Foo Away

Foo met some more good friends outside Boomland Fireworks! These horses pointed out the way for Foo to continue on his journey toward Memphis, Tennessee.

Something to Remember Foo By

Foo had such a good time at Boomland that he wanted something to remember his stay. So he got one of those pinched souvenir pennies. 

Then he got away from his friends and decided to steal the company van. That one didn't go over too well with the management. There was a lot of explaining to do.