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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chillin' at Chelio's

Foo chills for a bit at Chelio's pub on his visit back to Illinois as he tosses back this great big beer and hangs with friends while watching hockey and hitting the karaoke stage.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quilty Goodness

Foo gets ready to snuggle up for the night on a family quilt during his visit to Lake Zurich, Illinois, for the night. Home sweet family home.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hay Choo Choo

Meet Foo's new Choo Choo friend made of hay. He lives outside Buster McNutty's in Livingston, but he always lets Foo get a ride to the Chattanooga junction of fabulousness.

Friends and Foo

Foo kicks it back with his good friends Chris and Leah at Lake Livingston as they catch some shade under the umbrella in the water. Feeling the love!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Foo Fish

Foo loves swimming with the fishies in Lake Livingston. The water is warm, the breeze is strong, and there's all the fish he could want to catch. Just beware of the Foo shark.

Foosin' With the Ladies

Foo loves hanging with the ladies, and sunning with them in the boat is fun as well. What a lucky Foo dog!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Up to His Neck

Foo's friends got a little carried away with Foo while they were playing in the sand. Before he knew it, her was buried up to his neck, and had to beg to be released.

Planking With Foo

Even Foo is getting in on the planking trend with the help of a young friend of his and this cooler at the beach. Let's plank.

Chillin' With the Homeboys

Foo kicks it back with his studly homeboys, the ever sexy Jonathan and the incomparably hilarious Tank. Foo had a little bit of Shiner beer to drink apprently, but it's all good. He wasn't driving home.

Sandcastles in the Sand

Foo and his friends had a grand plan to build a huge sandcastle at the beach on Galveston Island. However, they had just finished with the grand, dragon filled moat, when everybody else bailed and ran into the water, leaving Foo all alone to work by himself. That lasted maybe 3 minutes before he too scampered into the surf.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Skull O' Blood!

Foo settled nicely back in to Texas and threw back this skull of "blood." Yeah, human skull, but really it was wine. It was frighteningly good.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oooh Seattle

Yes, this is all Foo got to see of Seattle... joy... airport...

Mini Plane for Mini Foo

Foo was tickled to find that they ordered a Foo-size plane for his quick transfer flight to Seattle from Portland. It was so tiny, he thought he might have to fit in the overhead bin, but they had a Foo seat perfect just for him.

Sleepy Cuddles

Foo was tired after his week in Portland, so he curled up under his new aikido camp sweatshirt jacket while he waited at the airport for his flight back to Texas.

Bicycles Built for Foo

Foo learned that Portland was a huge biking city, but he thinks they kind of missed the point here. Although a cool art piece, Foo was pretty sure this was not the best way to use bikes for physical fitness.

Local Flavor

Foo wanted to take in a bit of local flavor so he stopped for lunch in this cool restaurant called Henry's Tavern. Although it was dark inside, the food was excellent and the company was grand.


Foo began to channel Dastardly Dan and needed a black mustache to stay in character. He realized that it wasn't that good of a disguise though, so he gave up his plans to tie Miss Daisy to the railroad tracks.

Miles and Miles of Books

Foo totally got his read on in the famous Powell's bookstore in Portland, Oregon, sporting room upon room upon room of books of all kinds in all genres.

This bookstore was also where Foo met up with his old friend Paula, who graciously showed him a little bit of Portland's secret fun.

Giant Blender Art?

Foo wasn't entirely sure what to make of this public art piece in Portland, Oregon. He did, however, get a mad craving for smoothies.

Future Serial Killer?

It's frightening that this passes for a positive billboard in Portland, Oregon. That child is scarrrrryyyy....

End of Summer... Camp

Like all good things, aikido summer camp had to end, and there were many tears with the parting. Especially sad to see Foo go was his best aikido-camp friend, Nico.

Foo's girlfriend that he met while at the college was so broken up by the parting that she couldn't even face the camera for this farewell photo.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Asahi Spokes Foo

Foo is submitting this photo to the Asahi beer company of Japan in hopes of becoming the company's new spokesman for this awesome beer. As far as Japanese beers go, it's the Awesome-ahi-est.

Oregon Sushi

Foo ventured forth and found Forest Grove, Oregon, sushi to be pretty good.

He also had fun playing with the chopsticks. He's actually getting pretty good at it. He can almost pick up rice now.

Foo... Aikido Master

Foo did so well at aikido summer camp, showing his good ukemi technique (seen here in this action shot), that he was awarded with a high-level belt.

His friend Nico helped him put on the green belt. He likes the way it looks.

Foo-kido Practice

During aikido camp, Foo was very careful to keep his electrolytes up by drinking lots of Gatorade. 

He spent many hours thrashing people around on the aikido mat in the gym. 

But after a while the others just couldn't take it any more, and he ended up helping out at the first aid table to patch up the injured. There were many, most of which were due to Foo.

Foo-evator Problems

At summer camp for aikido it was very important that no one touch the elevator door. Foo was daring and wanted to test it out, but he feared shihan getting stuck in the elevator and taking it out on Foo on the mat.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Drink Like Foo Means it

Foo got his party on during the aikido summer camp as people let their hair down and relaxed after a few tough days on the mat.

And Foo will never forget his roots and sports his Illini wear with pride.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nothing But Wine, Wine, Wine

At the A Blooming Hill Vineyard and Winery, Foo did a lot of "wining," so much so that it was necessary to stop his mouth.

It was done with a delicious meat cracker (yes, pepperoni or salami toasted into a chip). Not only did it get him to stop talking, but Foo had a delicious treat as well.

A Vine Day for Foo

Foo wanted to pick his own grapes for his wine at the A Blooming Hill Vineyard and Winery in Forest Grove, Oregon. Sadly, he got caught up in the wires before he could get around to getting a bushelful.

Oregon Wine Country

Foo learned just how green and lush Oregon could be on his trip to A Blooming Hill Vineyard and Winery near Forest Grover, OR.

With fabulous pines and wines and views, Foo had a great time with all of his friends.

Even his friend Nico helped made sure Foo could see all the way to the mountains!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dinner for Foo

While not the most elegant of meals, Foo had to get his nutrients up for the week long aikido seminar he was about to undertake at Pacific University. It hit the spot for energy, and he was ready to go the next day!

Mascot Foo!

When Foo got to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, for an aikido summer camp, he never thought he'd meet family!!! Foo found out he was the mascot of the university.

But here they call them Boxers! Still, he knew he had Pacific pride all over him! Gooooo Boxers!!

Hippo Hardware

Foo loved these columns at a hardware store in Portland, Oregon. These hippos are a famous feature of this ferrateria that has been around for decades and is a hallmark of the Pacific Northwest.

A Wonder of Bread

Foo really had a hankering for some delicious white bread after he visited the sight of the Franz bakery, which sports a giant rotating loaf of bread atop its factory in Portland, Oregon.

Joan of Arc-egon

Foo was going round and round about Portland, Oregon, and low and behold found this golden Joan of Arc statue in one such roundabout. Heading onward for glory, Foo continued on his journey super inspired to get to the martial arts camp.

Hiking on Mount Foo

Well rather Mount Tabor, a mountain inside the city limits of Portland, Oregon. From on high, he got a great view of downtown Portland

He rested at an old fort, halfway up the mountain. 

Also, while on his hike he saw just how green Oregon is and learned that the red arrows point right to Foo!!