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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Texans Foo-tball Fan

Next to nature shows, Foo's favorite thing to watch is Texans Football... partially because his  name is in "football" and partially because he has a really cool Texans outfit and platform so he doesn't miss a single play.

Put Me in Coach!

Meet the only person who is a bigger Texans fan than Foo. Jonathan always comes dressed to watch the game, but Foo is ready to play! Foo makes an excellent linebacker!


Ever since the TV was set up outside on the back porch, it has been nearly impossible to get Foo to stop watching TV. He particularly likes nature shows about lions. He's kind of a remote hog. Honestly... you could lose a finger trying to get those things from him.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Execute Him!

Because of Foo's deplorable, carnivorous behavior toward the centaur, Foo was set to be executed in the town square not only for that, but for being a slobbering rodent. At the last minute, he apologized to everyone, and luckily they let him go home.

Centaurs Are Friends, Not Food

Foo hadn't realized how hungry he was until he went to get his picture taken with this centaur. Needless to say, it didn't end well. There was blood, lots of it, before the authorities got involved. He needs to remember to eat lunch next time.

How Llama Are You?

Foo is not llama at all, in spite of the fact he always attracts them. This one wanted to get a little personal, but luckily his friend Beans was there to get him quickly to safety.

Noble Accessory

Foo continued meeting new and interesting people at the Texas Renaissance Festival, including this quiet, ghostly lady in blue who really wanted to take Foo home with her, but he had other plans.

Favor for Foo

As the knights prepared dutifully for their joust, Foo requested a favor from his favorite knight. Sadly, the knight blew him off in favor of a pretty young maiden. Happily, the knight proceeded to get skewered during the joust.

Barbaric Bravery

Foo was so happy to find his friend, Beans, thanks to the helpful garden mermaid! As soon as he did, his luck continued and they were led bravely back to the festival by this resourceful barbarian who knew exactly where to take them!

Mermaid Rescue

During Foo's search for his way out of the gardens, he ran into a really helpful mermaid who apparently could swim in the ground. She held him up high and blew her magic shell horn, and lo and behold, Foo found some friends again!

Foo-mily Reunion!

Like he seems to do everywhere he goes, Foo found another one of his cousins in the garden. The big golden brethren tried his best to get Foo to stay and play a while longer, but he really needed to get out and back to the Texas Renaissance Festival. He knew there was more to see.

Thar Be Dragons Here!

As he frolicked merrily through the garden at the Texas Renaissance Festival, Foo stumbled upon this magical dragon. Immediately, they became fast friends, and the dragon agreed to take Foo on a wild ride around the forest and garden.

The trip was fun, but at the end, Foo had lost his way and couldn't find his way out again.

Foo-sel and Gretel

While walking through the magic gardens at the Texas Renaissance Festival, Foo came upon a glittering house made for Foo. He was wary about the house at first, remembering the tale of Hansel and Gretel, but one quick lick determined that it was, indeed, not made out of candy.

Big Foo-t?

On Foo's adventure in the magic gardens at the Texas Renaissance Festival, he waged a battle of wits and weaponry for a day and a night before victoriously stumping and thus defeating this gigantic beast that tried to stomp Foo into oblivion. (It was actually no match for the mighty Foo, but he requested the story because it was better for the blog.)

Metal Tree... Very Pretty

... and the metal flower is sweet, but Foo found out that the fruit from the metal tree was impossible to eat. When he found this tree in the magic gardens at the Texas Renaissance Festival, Foo almost chipped a tooth trying to eat the fruit before others were able to pry him off.

Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! Thar Be Pirates!

Foo took no heed of this silly sign at the Texas Renaissance Faire. Foo wondered just how scary can pirates be if they're all cute and fluffy like this??
But then Foo met THIS pirate lass and he had to revise his opinion of pirates.... scary... no... intimidating... a little bit, yeah...

Foo Kilt It

Foo insisted that only real men wear kilts, so he promptly found a Foo-size version and proved he looked very dashing in the tartan plaid.

Foo looked so good that he even convinced his good friend Jonathan to try one on as well. Och aye, stopping wondering what they're wearing under them!

Shake Your Money Maker

Foo disagrees that money doesn't grow on trees, especially after finding this one that was sprouting 20s... Oh wait... it's already a dead tree, but it's covered in vines.... Foo recants his previous statement. Money doesn't grow on trees after all. It grows on vines!

Stick it to 'Em

Foo was honored to be able to get a picture with the Rare Texas Stick Fish. It was truly unlike any stick... er... fish he'd ever seen. Ignoring protests, he licked it and remarked that it tasted a bit woody.

Brewing Up Good Times

As Foo tends to be a beer divining rod, he bee-lined for the authentic beer brewery at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Oh did it smell good, and they were selling beer that Foo loved to say: RAHR!

Dragon-Parrot Foo

Foo and his good friend, Beans, met a man with a fine dragon parrot at the Texas Renaissance Festival. The foursome fast became friends, but Foo and the dragon seemed to have their own language so it kind of left everyone else out of the conversation.