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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mission Accepted

Foo finished off his tour of NASA's Johnson Space Center by reading up on all of the voyages gone before him. He hoped someday to make a trip himself. What a road trip that would be!

Sounds of Space Silence

Foo shouted into the gigantic engine thruster of the rocket hoping for some cool spaced out echoes. Strangely he was scolded by a group of school children who said he was being too disruptive.

Size Matters

Inside the rocket barn at Johnson Space Center, Foo got to get up close and personal with the rockets.

He figures this one might be big enough for his winning personality.

Rocket Foo

Foo got his picture with one of the rockets at NASA. He was even more excited to lean that he was color coordinated with it.

But the thing is that the rocket in the background is just too small, so Foo is secretly plotting to stow away on this one. Shhhhh.... don't tell.

Flag it Down

Foo was happy that he would be going to space for his country! He wondered if he'd get to put it on some planet and claim it for Foo-dom!

Things Are Smaller in Space

Foo was a little concerned at first when they told him that this was the International Space Station. Unless they were going to use a miniaturization ray, he just didn't see how they were going to do it.

But when he saw the life-size module, he was much more relieved, understanding that they didn't miniaturize anything until they were actually on it. Phew. That made more sense.

Foo-ston We Have a Problem...

One of Foo's favorite parts was visiting the control center where the people guide and talk to the astronauts while they're up up and away.

Foo was so fascinated by all the lights and colors, it was nearly impossible to get him to leave and go see everything else.

Perfect Fit

Foo took a tour of all the spacesuits to try to find the one that would fit him best.

In the end, he found that this helmet was the perfect fit. Aye, aye Captain. Foo's suited up and ready to go!

What Does This Button Do?

Foo was incredibly excited when he got to see the actual cockpit of the rocket on his tour. He just couldn't wait to stop pushing all the buttons!!

Room for Foo

As Foo prepared for his space journey, he was instructed to take a tour of one of the old rocket ships so he could find his most comfortable place to sit. He liked this window seat very much.

He also went to find the space potty and had a few concerns about how it would fit him. He didn't want to get sucked out into space after all.

Weightless Foo

Foo was thrilled when he got o go into the antigravity chamber with this astronaut. Foo did have a little trouble controlling his position in the space, hence the extreme Foo closeup.

Don't Blow Up

As Foo prepared for his journey into space, he got to see one of the rocket engines up close. He expressed a little concern in private that it looked a little like a giant grenade so he hope it wouldn't blow up.

Foooooooo innnnnnn Spaaaaaaaaccceee

Foo was so excited to visit NASA and the Johnson Space Center. When he signed in, the told him he would learn how to prepare to be an astronaut. He really wanted to be the first Foo Dog in space!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chicago Style in Houston?

Upon hearing that there was authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza somewhere in Houston, Foo simply had to go check it out for himself. Although it was decent at Star Pizza, it just wasn't quite the same. Foo said the toppings were alright, but the crust simply lacked substance and that buttery goodness he so loves to savor. Alas, he'll just have to order it and have it shipped from the Windy City itself.

Woofin' at the Dog Park

Foo and his good friend Winchester had a grand old time playing at the dog park. They particularly like climbing up onto this raised platform to look out over the whole space.
But when the suggestion was raised that they try something new and different, there was confusion and fear all around... just for a minute or two.
In the end, Foo was the only one brave enough to tackle the dog tunnel. Winchester just didn't have any pipe dreams.