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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Packing a Foo

Foo was so sad to leave his new friend Noelle and his friends in Chicago that he cried and cried and cried and almost refused to get on the plane. It was so bad, he almost had to be checked as luggage, but once that threat was made, he calmed down enough to ride in the cabin. That would have been a cold Foo!

Foo and Noelle Forever!

Foo was super excited to be able to hang out with his best little friend, Noelle. She loved Foo and wanted to keep petting and petting and petting him.
They played and played and smiled and smiled and generally had a great time together, much to the chagrin of Noelle's pet cat, Marley, who kind of looked jealous of Foo, or maybe just that Foo was outside.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cutest Couple!

Foo was so glad he was invited to Jon and Danielle's wedding that he just had get a picture with the bride and groom before he had to go. He even smiled pretty for the camera!

Spider Foo!

Spider Foo, Spider Foo... does whatever a Spider Foo can... and so did this blue and red fellow who kept crawling all over Foo.
Foo did consider squashing him, but realized that this fellow was only out there trying to do good things for humanity so Foo let it slide... just this once.

Dance Party

Since Jon is a trained ballroom dancer, and Danielle is just very elegant, Foo was excited to watch their first dances at the wedding reception.
Then the whole group got up and started doing a Bollywood dance and Foo just couldn't get enough. When they invited everyone up to join, he was one of the first ones on the dance floor!

Cut the Cake

Foo just wanted cake so badly at the wedding reception that he kept encouraging Jon and Danielle to just cut it already. He needed to get his sugar rush on!

Mixing Madness

Foo knows better than to mix various forms of alcohol, but he just couldn't resist at Jon and Danielle's wedding. The Guinness was good, the wine was free and the champagne was for toasting... and Foo was toasted.

Harp O' the Irish

Foo really wanted to tap into his Irish blood when he saw this harp at an Irish pub. Although he tried to play it, the sound was more like tapping on glass than actual music. Ah well, maybe the strings were just too stiff.

Phone Home

Foo wasn't excited to see this red phone booth and wanted to sit outside waiting for Dr. Who to appear. He wouldn't step inside though for fear of dying and being reincarnated in some weird form like a smushed-face wax lion.

Meat Market Myth

Foo had heard that meat markets were a good place to go find girls who liked to have a good time. Foo loves to have a good time, but when he got to this one, all he found was this chubby guy with a mustache... and you know how Foo feels about guys with mustaches...

Crush Your Nuts?

Foo was wondering where he could go to crush some oats, but he couldn't find anywhere to go to do that. He wandered around and asked for directions, but everyone just kept pointing and not saying anything.

Sup Hos?

Foo could not stop laughing at this old-time ad apparently for women's support hose. By today's standards and slang, this would be a fail campaign with ladies of the caliber they were targeting, but for the ghetto girls, Foo says, "Sup Hos?"

Foo Protection Program

Foo went to the general store just to buy a bottle of coke, but the cashier guy just looked terrified! Maybe this guy was in the witness protection program. Why else would he be so scared? Foo is good at protection. It's a shame he didn't know that.

Fireman Foo

Foo has always admired the skill and bravery of firefighters, so he was delighted to get a photo with this chap. The only problem was that the man wouldn't stop looking at the ceiling, but Foo didn't see any fire there.

Smoking Is Rough

Foo always likes a good Public Service Announcement, especially when they warn of the dangers of smoking. Clearly the effects of smoking are dangerous to your health. Just look at what it did to this bulldog!

Blown Out of Proportions

Although Marilyn had chosen to wear a little too much makeup that day, Foo still loves her and had to get his photo with her. He just has one question, Where does she get all that wind all the time?

Friday, July 27, 2012

This Way Beer Comes

Foo knew he was in the right place when he found this road sign indicating Pabst Blue Ribbon was here... in Foo's mouth. Sadly he got tired of standing there after a while just waiting for them to pour in the beer. By the end of the night, Foo had realized the sign lied and no Pabst was had for free.

Sing It Girl!

Foo wanted to help out his good friend Bethany while she did karaoke, especially because the lyrics were off the beat of the music. He acted like the bouncing ball for her like a champ!

Dolls on Walls

Foo just couldn't pass up a picture with these super happy fun paper dolls painted on the window. He just wonders how big the scissors were to get this job done. Probably made in Japan...

Barrels O' Fun

Foo just loved this wall decor at the Lucky Monk. Not only was there one barrel for having fun... Foo just had unlimited opportunities and couldn't stop the laughs!

Grilled-Cheese Burger?

Foo just couldn't get past this burger that his friend Mike ordered at the Lucky Monk. It had bacon, naturally, but it also had two grilled-cheese sandwiches substituting for the bun! Even Foo, with his amazing metabolism, wasn't willing to venture into eating that! Mike did make it through alive, but Foo hasn't really heard from him since...

Foo's a Lumberjack...

...and he's okay. He works all night and he sleeps all day, but this lumberjack totally took the cake. He also offered to make Foo a cake. Isn't that nice?

Pretty in Polish

Foo decided to go for the natural look, which for him meant deep shades of delightful reds.
The nail ladies even let him sit underneath the dryer fan to get all warm and toasty while his nails dried. What a spoiled Foo!

Nails for Foo

Although Foo generally is not one for primping and preening (basically because he always looks good), he was invited to a mani/pedi opportunity and decided to go check it out.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Foo's a Soul Man...

and he proved it unequivocally when he met the fabulous Blue Brothers at Midway Airport in Chicago. He rocked it out with Jake and Elwood Blues, and Jake even let Foo sing along!

Flights of Family

Foo just couldn't wait to get on the plane to fly to Chicago to see his friends and family. He just loves to fly Southwest because Foo's fly for free!
As Foo looked out onto the tarmac before the flight, the sun was setting and he was ready. But that was when he noticed that he seat didn't recline. Boo...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Foo

Foo gets the value of the lessons these monkeys are teaching, and he agrees that they are good values to follow. Still, Foo just has a hard time speaking no evil, hearing no evil and seeing no evil... especially with a lot of the stuff in the news today.

Two Prong Foo

Although Foo is a lone-wolf Foo Dog, when he finds his family members in his travels, they often come in pairs
Foo found these two happily guarding a Buddhist temple in Stafford, TX. They don't even look too upset about the heat!

The Ride of the Tiger

When Foo visited the Buddhist temple in Stafford, TX, this was not the kind of activity he expected to find. Apparently Buddhism isn't too much different from a rodeo in Texas. Just here, the monks ride tigers! Rwar!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nipple-Licking Good

Foo has some really cool friends who he loves to hang out with, including Tank, Rebecca and Bird.
However, once they've had too much to drink, they get Foo and Tank to do some really weird things.... *shudder*

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Par for the Kour

Foo just had to visit this fountain when he heard it was where they shot one of the scenes in the movie, "Sidekicks" with Jonathan Brandis and Chuck Norris. Foo leapt from platform to platform, avoiding the water.
And when Chuck Norris showed up to compliment Foo on his mad jumping skills, Foo was so in awe that all he could say was, "Thank you, Chuck Norris."

Keep Your Hair On

Foo learned that this bird was called a heron, so he immediately asked where the hair was. He ran up to the bird to ask it the question, but for some reason, it just flew away.

On That Note

Foo makes music everywhere he goes. It just seeps out of everywhere and even follows him down the street.

Ninja Fountain

Foo was just minding his own business and walking through this plaza when suddenly out of the ground started spray these jets of water! Luckily, it was a really hot day and he really didn't mind getting cooled off.

Cold-Blooded Revenge

There's nothing like the taunts of a penguin sitting inside an ice-cold air-conditioned van on a hot summer day to make Foo want revenge. But... eh... it was too dang hot for him to stay angry very long. Besides, nearby there were fountains to play in.

Bird Is the Word

When Foo found out that this flower was called the Bird of Paradise, he stood there and waited for it to sing or talk or fly away... Sadly it wouldn't leave its green stalk so Foo walked away muttering something about it not being much of a bird.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Foo can hear you... and every other little sound--even whispers--coming from the other echo pod opposite this one. Fascinating how acoustics work. It reminds Foo of the echo spots at the front of Foellinger and Krannert...

Going With the Flowing

Foo wasn't sure what to make of this flowy sculpture he found in Discovery Green, but then he realized it was a great place for hide and seek. Can you find Foo?
There he is! It cannot be expressed how difficult it was getting Foo off of this thing. So many places to hide!

LEGO My Building

When Foo found this building in Discovery Green, he suddenly thought he'd found LEGO land.
He was so excited, he ran up and jump on the window sill to look inside. He's always been curious what LEGO people do on their off days.

No amount of mental bleach can erase the horrors Foo saw in there. If you have any sense of self preservation, do not look in there... yeesh...


While walking through Discovery Green, Foo came upon this really interesting tree fashion show that was kind of a reverse where instead of the trees doing the catwalk, the observers walk it instead. Apparently bright color patterns are in season...
... and black and white classics as well.  Hmm...