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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lady Loves

Foo ended the night just chilling with his ladies and adoring them in all their beauty. Still, there is always that one guy who will bunny-ear everything.
Everyone got a little dizzy though from all the love, and nobody even realized that Foo was about to be stolen. Luckily he fought fiercely and maintained his freedom to travel onward and upward.

Death Waits for Foo

Foo was just having a great time with his friends when this creepy dude swooped on down and tried to get Foo in his clutches to take away to who knows where. Luckily, Foo was too fast and not yet ready to go on to the hereafter.

Western Glare

Apparently Foo was just too bright for the cowboy and Miss Roulette. They just couldn't keep their eyes open, even for a photo.

Rafa Revenge

Foo met this interesting guy who tried to act all tough around Foo to prove who was the more manly man, him or Foo.
He put Foo on his head and was ready to body slam him onto the hard cold ground...
But Foo has mad super ninja skills and managed to slip down to his neck to take out a large chunk,
But really Foo just gave him Foo style kisses, which create an effect similar to euphoria. The only problem was trying to get him to stay standing after that. Luckily Ariel helped and he didn't drop Foo.

Pirate Influence

As everyone knows, pirates tend to be bad influences, and even with supportive Flo by his side, Foo still get convinced to engage in bad behavior.
So in spite of all the beer he'd already drunk, Foo accepted a few from his new friends. Luckily his stomach is steel and he fared far better than some of them did.

She Comes to Suck Foo's Blood

Foo was a little nervous then fell under compulsion when he met this lovely vampire lady. Luckily Foo's hide was just a little too thick for her to get her fangs into him. Foo loves the daylight.

Group Hugs

Foo always has a good time out with friends, but often they get a little out of hand an try to photobomb or attack each other.
Foo and Brit, the goddess, were in there ready to help and help they did. All was well after that.

Stein of the Times

As always, Foo got his drink on, but this time it was in his stylish wooden cup that was actually almost bigger than he was.
After a while, he had to turn his back on the beer though because his tummy was just getting way too full.

Eventually Foo just had to make some room and so he stood on his head until all the beer flowed to the right places. Then he was up for more.

Rushing Roulette

Foo's not one for gambling usually, but he just couldn't resist cozying up to this lovely lady wearing a roulette wheel... Always bet on red?

Texas Foo

Perhaps he's been in Texas a little too long, but Foo looks rather dashing in his cowboy hat. He just needs spurs and a horse now.


Since the Astros are gutting the spirit of their baseball team right now, this clever costume made by a bitter local kind of says it all. Foo just laughed since he's a Sox fan and so his team will be crushing them next baseball season.

Goddess of Love and Song

Foo is fabulous friends with this goddess who charms him with laughter and song and love. Although she goes by a different name to mere mortals, Foo calls her Brit.

Crealazative Costume

Foo coined a new word when he found this guy on Halloween. Crealazative: so lazy it becomes creative. Nice "costume" dude.

Nice Clothes, Emperor

After much costume deliberation, Foo settled on a simply yet fantastic idea. As you can see, he ended up going as the emperor from the story, The Emperor's New Clothes. Yes, he IS naked under those feathers.

Bead That As it May

Foo was just hanging out and enjoying the atmosphere when he was suddenly given these fun beads to wear. Best of all, Foo didn't even have to flash anyone... but mostly because he was already naked.

Quite Progressive

Foo was pleased when his friend Flo showed up to sing a song and have a great time with him on Halloween. She's funtastic!
She and Terrence even took a moment to sing a fun duet on stage. He was looking a little thin though.

Death Becomes You

Foo was fascinated by this really creepy figure he met at Pour House on Halloween. He may look really scary, but honestly he got along with Foo really well. Plus he was kind enough to sing a song.

Sworded Details

Even though Foo was told that there were no weapons allowed in the bar, he slipped this little guy past security. He just never can be too safe with these Texas people!

Terrence and Foo-lip

Since Philip couldn't make it to the party with his good buddy Terrence, Foo decided to step in as a surrogate. But when this guy started farting just because it was funny, Foo decided he just had to move on to less smelly areas.

Seeing a Little Red

Foo wasn't mad, he just was attracted to the fabulous color of this girls dress while at Pour House. Foo loves red, especially when there are shiny ribbons involved.

Where's the Treasure?

Foo and this pirate skull had a deep conversation that nobody else could hear. Theories are that he now knows the location of some buried treasure or that he now can speak parrot. 

It's a Mad Mad Scientist World

When Foo ran into this mad scientist at Pour House, at first Foo was a little wary about the green frothing concoction he was holding and offering to Foo.
Thankfully, Foo's friend Ariel came over and offered to be the guinea pig and try the potion first.
In the end, Foo was glad he didn't drink the potion because Ariel started doing very strange things like trying to brush the scientist's teeth with his fingers... ew....

It's Party Time, Excellent!

Wayne's World... Wayne's World! Party on Wayne, Party on Garth, Party on Foo. There was a lot of partying going on with this crew for Halloween. Schwing!

Don't Fear the Reaper

Foo takes the advice of songs seriously, so he really never did fear this reaper. Although he looks a little scary on the outside, Reap was a pretty good conversationalist in the end.

Fright Night

Foo had a fabulously freaky time at Pour House for Halloween. It all started when he met this zombie who tried to school Foo in the ways of the walking dead. Foo was just left red in the face.

But when the zombie got a little too close to Foo, luckily there was a battle guy from Resident Evil there to take the zombie out. Foo got out without a scratch... he thinks.

Stewardess Sam

On Halloween at Pour House, Foo's friend and bartender Sam tried to make sure Foo's seat was in an upright and locked position and that he was comfortable and ready for his flight of fun!

Foo Voted!

Foo voted early for the rights of all American citizens (not just 53 or 47 percent of them), and now it's your chance to do what's right for the continued progression and development of humanity! Go vote!

To see where Foo's vote went, visit http://foodogblog.blogspot.com/2012/10/foo-vote.html

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Foo and the Gang in Print

Wow... looky there! Foo and his Maintenance Supply Headquarters made it into the Chili Cookoff picture brochure! He had a great time, and ate enough chili to turn him red... wait a minute...

Muggin' Martin

Foo's friend Martin was looking a little sour today and a little pale so Foo started to try to cheer him up by jumping up into his arms.
Although smile he didn't Martin was happy about Foo's attempts and said, "Foo's da man!" and thanked him for his kind service.


Everybody needs a costume, including Foo's tail, which sometimes has a personality of its own and tries to escape. That being said, Foo found this ghoulish skull mask so the tail could participate in the Halloween fun.

Good Foo

Everybody likes Foo, even severed zombie arms.

Coffin Fun

At the Chili Cookoff, the Maintenance Supply Headquarters booth was offering ghoulishly good beverages to go with the chili as well as laughs from Foo's good friend Tank.
Foo wanted to jump on in and swim with the Capri Suns and sodas, but with Jonathan standing nearby, he couldn't be sure he wouldn't be shut in.

Super Q

Foo wasn't quite sure what this guy's costume really was, but he did rock the tighty whiteys and the belt hat enough that Foo had to give him some props, especially since he had a cape... Foo needs a cape...

Foo Fandango

In addition to all the famous people that Foo meets, he also gets to hang out with random fans. Some come in fun costumes...
while others just come on by for smiles, awkward stares and good times.

Mighty Thor

Foo thought it peculiar that the mighty Thor showed up at the chili cookoff, but when he learned that he was there specifically to try Jonathan's amazing recipe, he kinda understood why.