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Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Day

Buster McNutty's always takes holidays to the extremes, and they definitely think that Thanksgiving is really called Turkey Day. This turkey had some crazy attitude and kept wanting to play jokes on Foo every time he say, "Hay!"

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks to Foo

Foo always loves the holidays, especially hanging out for Thanksgiving with the Torres parents. They were always some of his favorite people.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monkeying Around

Foo realized that he, too, was monkeying around and lollygagging when he came across this here monkey man. He had to get a move on to catch his plane!

Foos for Life

At last Foo found somebody he could really get along with since he met another Fu Dog with flaming whiskers that were just awesome. Foo's considering whisker implants now.

Bearly Bitten

Foo took a chance with this guy, thinking he was hibernating, it being November and all, but low and behold, the bear was a little hungry. Foo only narrowly escaped being a tasty little midmorning snack. Good thing he's fast and not that easy to chew.

Doggie Style

Foo originally got along with this doggy, but then the canine dude started to growl. Luckily, Foo is just as fierce and growled back with the best of them and both parties were able to move on. 

Half Cocked

Foo knew that this guy once ruled the roost, but now he's looking a bit peckish, being just a head and all. When Foo made that joke, he had to duck. The rooster went off all half-cocked!

Baa Ram Ewe

Foo felt transported to Animal Farm when he came across this horse. Foo wondered how hard this guy worked to build the windmill before they chopped off his head and turned the rest of him into glue.
Foo walked tenderly when he came across the pig, though. It kept yelling "Two legs bad, four legs good," then switched halfway through and started yelling "Four legs bad, two legs good." Foo was so confused...

Hissssssss Story

Foo thought about being afraid of this slithering hissy dude, but he realized the snake really couldn't get him since he was on a stick. Phew!

Rodent Thinkers

Foo then came across some smaller, cuter animals, but at giant proportions. Could you imagine how big the entire mouse was? It was eat Foo.
At least the bunny had a nice smile for Foo. Still those legs would make Foo think twice about stealing his carrots.

Horny Beasts

Foo went down the line and said hi to all the heads. However, this guy was bent on bully Foo.
And this guy just tried to ram him. Luckily Foo was a bit faster on his feet than either of them (they had no feet).

Menagerie Nightmare

Right before Foo left to go back to Houston, he found this collection of animal heads on pikes... it kind of weirded him out until he was able to get a little closer and check them out individually.

Emerald City in Waterland

Foo found it fun when he saw the top of the Emerald City poking out through this fountain. Who knew that Oz was really in a fountain in Princeton! Foo wonders where all the desert is.

Sitting on Safety

After his long walk around Princeton and its parks, Foo decided to sit for a spell on this fancy stone bench. Only after sitting for a bit did he realize it was really a memorial to the fighters of WWII who strove to make the world safe for everyone.

Church of Knowledge?

Foo does know that knowledge and churches don't usually mix, so he was curious about this one he found on the Princeton campus. Perhaps it was just for the town folk, or just a really cool building.

Foo vs France

Foo learned that this area had to battle alongside the French to defeat the British, and Foo was down with that, but he still thinks he'd back the good old Foo S of A.

Semper Foo

Foo is always ready for battle, and so apparently were the marines who fought in the Revolutionary War. Even back then they were badass!

Colonel Foo

Foo found this warrior emblem in the park and just had to stop on by.
It made him feel quite patriotic.

Ring My Bell

Although Foo usually is the bell of the ball, he found this one in the park in Princeton and just had to ring it. Honestly he expected a ton of people to join him in the park, but the calm of the morning continued. Frown.

College Drinking

Foo had thought Princeton was more a college for the academics, but he found out that just like all institutions of higher learning, this one too had its handful of heavy drinkers.

In the Foos

While in the park at Princeton, Foo came upon this gentleman just sitting down getting caught up on the news. That made Foo curious about current events, so he hopped on up, and the man was gracious enough to let Foo get a peak of his own.

It's All Relative

While at Princeton, Foo got to hang out with his idol and distant cousin Albert. Foo just loves talking to Al. He always has a lot of theories about so much science. The resemblance is uncanny, don't ya think?

Ivy Leaguer

Foo had a great time walking around the Princeton campus. The buildings were so old, he felt smarter just being there.
His only question was, where was the ivy? It's supposed to be the Ivy League and all.
Ah well, at least the streets were all set up for the zebras. Those guys just wander out into traffic when they don't have guidelines on the street.

Something Pressing

For Foo, it's never too early for wine, but this place wasn't open yet, so Foo decided he'd help out by pressing his own grapes. Sadly, they wouldn't accept this grapes he crushed, claiming something about unsanitary conditions. As if... in Italy they use their feet. Foo just used his tail.

Draggin' Fly

Toward the end of breakfast, Foo looked up and was startled to see this huge dragonfly just hovering around the Fedora Café. After a few attempts to chill his buzz, the dragonfly admitted that he'd been a draggin' fly earlier and had just downed four cups of coffee, hence the super flight.

Cupside Down

Foo thought this a very odd way to serve coffee, but so was the style at the Fedora Café.
After a few tries of asking for coffee the right side up, Foo did get his morning caffeine in a way that he could actually drink it. And it was good.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cone of Shame

Before heading to bed that night, Foo met Queen Ridley who was rocking an Elizbethan collar, or so she said. Foo thinks she was just talking herself up, though. He was certain that she was wearing a shame cone. He heard she'd just eaten a bell. Silly Ridley, for shame.

Foo No More

Even though Foo was young and little to go to the actual performance, Victoria brought him back this really cool mask from the interactive production of Sleep No More, an experience that makes the audience a big part of the show as they run after characters and try to figure out the story of MacBeth.

Dinner With the Ladies

Foo, Victoria, and her cousins Katie and Courtney enjoyed a lovely Italian-pizza dinner before heading off to one of the coolest theater experiences ever. Yummy in the tummy and great company, too.

Jo Jo the Coffee Cup

Foo met people of all kinds while in New York, including this cup named Joe. Who knew that all the things in New York had names and things to say. Well, Foo did most of the talking. Joe just kind of held it all in.

Workable Wonders

Apparently in New York, art doesn't always have to stand still. On the elevated walkway, Foo discovered a group using the crowd as part of the art. Foo just loved being in step with these creative people. 

Building Exfoliation

Seems that in New York, everybody is getting a facial or a chemical peel, including this building. Some sign said it was "art," but Foo kinda thinks it was more a rash gone bad.

Funky Art Town

Foo is all about finding funky art in funky places around funky cities, so he was delighted not to be at all disappointed with New York.

Plants Getting High

Lost in the urban jungle... or forest... Foo discovered how cool the fall sunset could be. So pretty when the buildings change color just like the leaves.

Walk With a View

The view from up on the walkway was super cool. Foo felt like he was flying over the streets.
He even found this cool glass lookout so he could float over the streets and the cars and still be ultra safe.
Too bad for those passing pedestrians below. Foo is quite the spitter.

Walking High

Foo was floored when he found this elevated nature walkway in the middle of New York City. He just had to go check it out.
Foo found up there a whole new world. Even though he was surrounded by the tall buildings, he also had plants, so he felt like he was walking in a field of fun.

Mural Marvels

Foo loves street art, especially when it's so super cool and graphic like this one with tons of images and lots of stories to tell.
Rainbow power! Everything's better with rainbows, and this wall knows it!

Subway Fun

Foo just had to get a pic of him riding the New York subway. It was strangely empty, so Foo imagined that he was in the scene where Spike tussles with the foxy black slayer and kills her then takes her cool coat. Foo wants a long black leather coat now.