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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flying Gnome

Foo was just minding his own business in the shop when this gnome swooped in on his zip line and did an intense flyby right next to his head. Foo just laughed then chased the gnome all over the store.

Go Texans!

Finally something Foo can get behind. Too bad it was so thin in the metal, and too big to take home. Foo does love him Texans football though!

Come and Take It

Foo knew for sure he was still in Texas when he found these giant guns and a big star on the side of the barn. Yeah... they're kinda obsessed here.

Sit Ubu Sit

Foo was intrigued by this metal guard dog. He wasn't much for protection, but he did startle the patrons with the clanking of the metal when he ran to lick their toes.

Farmer Fred

Farmer Fred was quite advanced for a country boy, accepting all kinds of plastic for his fabulous produce found just within these doors. Good thing, too. Foo doesn't have a wallet.

Let's All Go to the Movies

As soon as Foo got into this popcorn costume, he started singing that weird movie trailer song in his head, then he started singing it out loud, much to the annoyance of everyone around. It was a long day.

Strawberry Foos Forever

Foo was just feeling fruity today, so he jumped up into this strawberry and it immediately sprouted legs and arms. Foo knew strawberries were runners, but that was kind weird.

Foo Cone

Foo just loves a sno cone, so when he had the chance to dress up as one, he jumped on that opportunity. Mmmm mmmm rainbow!

Punkin Foo

Foo looked and looked for his fairy godmother all over the farm, but all he could find was this pumpkin, so he hollowed it out and made himself a carriage. Too bad it was just smelly and wet.

Banditting Together

Foo and his buddy Rocky stopped for a quick photo op before scampering off into the brush to go find some garbage or tomfoolery to get into.

When You Arm a Dillo

You best put a saddle on it and go for a ride.

At-tractor-ive Idea

Foo went to a farmer's market to see what produce he could chomp down, but he was sidetracked when he found this farmer on a tractor.
He wanted one of his own so much that he found the first tractor he could and hopped aboard. Go Farmer Foo!