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Friday, January 25, 2013

Miles to Go

When Foo went to visit his friends in Indiana, Foo found another friend in Miles the dog. Miles wasn't sure about Foo at first.
But soon they were playing together and having a really good time.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Coraline finally got to meet Foo, and boy was she fascinated. All was well until she pulled on Foo's hair. Owwweeee...

Boys Team

Game night was great, and Foo got right in on the action as an integral part of the boys team. Sadly they lost, but they put in a valiant Foo-size effort!

Playing Cat and Mouse

Foo wanted to make sure Brose had a good time, so he decided to give him a mouse. Brose wasn't all that impressed, but he did have a good time.

Cuckoo for Foo Foo Puffs

As Foo adjusted to his new environment, he found out just how annoying something could be. Every hour, this cuckoo made Foo cuckoo... but he couldn't smash it. Nana would be so upset since she brought it all the way from Germany.

In Da Cat House

Foo really wanted to help his kitty brothers get adjusted to their new home so he went in ahead of time and did a little decorating. When the kitties came to check it out, Merky and Brose just loved it and felt right at home.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beer Closet

Foo was floored to see this many high-quality beers in one place. He kinda went nuts. It was a rough night.

Mural Pig, Mural Pig

Does whatever a mural pig does. And this one just sat there. Still, it wasn't too pleased when Foo jumped on his back. This photo was taken just before he bucked Foo off. Wow did he stick that landing.

Barley Fun

Barley's is always a good time, and the waitstaff just loves Foo. They even gave him his very own beer and served it right into his mouth!

A Little Light

Foo appreciates the artwork skill going into this building mural, but what a weird choice of subject. This building clearly doesn't know anything about beer!