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Friday, February 15, 2013

Crazy Foocoholic

Foo's friends at the bar really got him going, serving him up shot after shot to see what he would do.
Foo got crazy, putting all kinds of stuff in his mouth and acting very erratically.
Then he tackled the photographer and all chaos broke loose. Don't worry, he wasn't driving.

Bar Lady Love

Foo always likes meeting new people, and he heard that this lady owned the bar, or at least looked like the owner of the bar.
And moreover, she loved Foo so much, she was free with the kisses!

Bottle Cap Tap

Foo thought this bottle cap tapper was so interesting that he ran and ran around in circles until he made himself dizzy. Then everything was a blur...

Foot Licker

Foo wasn't sure what this guy was on, but he asked if he could lick Foo's foot. Before Foo could say yay or nay, the guy picked him up and the licking was afoot!

Helping the Ugly

Beer is good. Beer is foamy. Beer helps ugly people have sex? Well, yes. Yes, it does.

Yay More Beer

Even though his friend didn't show up at the other bar, Foo moved on an found himself at Cuckoo's Nest with more beer, and yes... more hockey. All was not lost.

Woolly Hockey Beer

Foo was feeling like getting out with friends to watch the Hawks battle through the ice for hockey glory.
But when the friends he expected to show didn't come. He was just left alone at a table with his beer. At least he had beer.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cubby Toilet

Foo couldn't help loving this piece of artwork on the wall. It verily told the truth. Cubs baseball always does go down the toilet.

Tanks Indiana

Just before Foo was leaving Indiana on his way back to Illinois, he had to stop and give tanks... er thanks for being a nice pass-through state.

House Arrest

When Foo went looking for the jail that held John Dillinger, he was expecting to find something that looked more like an actual prison than a house. But at least it was a nice, big house.

Polak Rock

Foo was intrigued to find this rock at a rest stop in Indiana, especially because it was inscribed to honor Pulaski, Casmir Pulaski. That's one of Foo's favorite Polaks.

Light up the World

Foo felt that he could, indeed, light up the world, the entire world with this particular candle. He just worried about where the wax would end up.

Music on the Wall

Foo loved finding this fabulously musical wall. He just wishes he could play the bricks to be the best mural musician on the planet.

They're Among Us

Foo often thinks he sees UFOs, but this one was for real and on stilts and apparently a home. Those aliens are quite bold to live in such an open place. Foo didn't dare get closer for fear of abduction.

That's a Big Boy

With a great big sandwich, Foo just couldn't believe how big this boy was. So big, he stopped for the photo!

Hooray, Hoopla, Humdinger, Hope

At least that's what Foo though the 4 Hs were supposed to be. He found out he was a little wrong, but he did get to find a four-leaf clover, so all was not lost.

Honored Heroes

Foo made a brief but humble stop to respect the fallen heroes. He knows that they do lots for him and the rest of the world.
It's strange that they looked a little pale in the face though.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crazy Custard

After a long day of touring, Foo decided to stop at Jenis for a little yummy ice cream. Boy was he intrigued by the crazy flavors. He enjoyed double chocolate with cayenne pepper. Oooh spicy!

Foo's New Name

Foo found this sign and immediately thought it fit him quite well. He is a Scooter of Steel. Well, he's not steel and not really a scooter, but hey... what are labels anyway?

Foo-Size Bikes

At last Foo found bikes that we the right size for him and he was so excited. But again, they wouldn't let him take any out for a spin. Silly museum. 

Foosin' on a Saturday Afternoon

Foo just loved getting to drive a motorcycle with a sidecar. Too bad he had no one to ride sidecar with him. Thanks Brian.

Foo of Fame

Foo got into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, and he was so honored by it that he took a bow. Then they told him he actually had to ride a motorcycle to actually be in it, and being in it wasn't necessarily physical.

Safety Ride

Foo considered this the safest bike every, what with all the pretty colors and lights. Too bad he couldn't figure out how to operate it.

Hasta La Vista, Foo Dog

Foo couldn't resist channeling Arnold when he saw the actual motorcycle from the Terminator. He vowed to come back after hours, telling the bike, "I'll be back."

Awarding Wings

Foo wasn't certain why this trophy was a good award for the motorcycle industry, but it still was super pretty and made Foo think of the cymbal monkey.

Mr. Motorcycle

Not only is Jay Leno a huge car enthusiast, he is also really into motorcycles. Foo just loves that and hopes that after this, he will be invited to go see all the pretty machines in Jay's garage.

Never Say Die

Just like Foo, this motorcycle has written on it, "Never Say Die." Well, Foo doesn't have it written on him, but he abides by that motto, having survived several mishaps, including the loss and reattachment of part of his tail.

Pop a Foollie

Foo loves the daring stuff, and this guy doing a pop-a-wheelie inside as still as a photograph was super interesting. Apparently he went by the name Wheelie Man and has world records. Foo is going to try to beat those some day.

What a Drag

Well not really, unless the race is a drag race. Foo just loved how thing this was, and he just wanted to hop on in, but he couldn't get the car out the door.

Foo-vel Knievel

Foo just couldn't get enough of this bike because it was the one that Evel Knievel rode in his many amazing stunts. When Knievel's son retires, Foo is thinking of taking over. He loves to be a dare

Really Mini Moto

Now this little rider was really really tiny, so tiny that Foo could probably run faster that he could ride. Foo still maintains that this was the mouse on the motorcycle despite evidence to the contrary.

Tiny Gary

Foo found this little itty bitty suit and thought about stealing it so he could ride like the pros, but sadly it was still a little too big for him and he was scared about going to jail.

Oldie But Goodie

Foo wanted to find the perfect ride for himself, and first he thought about this old chap, but he was worried that the 1920s model wouldn't be up to snuff.

Foo Found Harley

Foo got to learn all about the history of motorcycles, including a little about the founders of Harley-Davidson.
This Willie guy is now the owner. Boy how times have changed. Rocking beard, dude.

Motorocycle History

Foo had a fun time at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. He got to see all kinds of motorcycles and motorcycling things.
This interesting contraption was once such sight. It was one of the very first motorized motorcycles, and boy was it a clunking piece of work.

Swamp Tiles

Foo had fun at the library, but when he got to the bathroom, it was abuzz with life, including this really cool dragonfly who flew right by Foo's head.
Oddly, a minute later, this frog appeared and lunged at the dragonfly past Foo narrowly missing him but getting the dragonfly. Sorry flying dude.

Cultural Triad

Foo was intriguing by these multiethnic heads on these oblong pillars in front of the Westerville library. Perhaps it was that everyone should read? Foo likes to read, too, although he didn't read the description on the statue, so fail on him.

Spinal Tapped

It was a spine, spine day in Columbus when Foo came upon this gigantic spine carved out of a tree. He just wonders whose spine it really was and why they left it here. 

Pearly Whites

Foo was impressed by the true dental hygiene of this dragon. The mythical beast knows how bad smoke and fire breath can be. Thanks dragon man.

Bunny Dance

When Foo found his way up this hill, he found three giant rabbits dancing in a circle. He couldn't tell what they were dancing to, but he got all excited and joined in on the fun.

Say a Big Prayer

Foo was just wandering through the garden and came upon these little morsels that looked amusing, but he was not alone.
Although he could have been scared, Foo just addressed this newcomer the way he always does: with a smile and the offer of a photo op. The giant mantis was only too happy to oblige, but Foo left when it started rubbing its front claws together.