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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ship Shape

When Foo got back to the dock, he got to see how they store boats when they're not in the water. Now that's a big crane. Foo really wanted to drive it, but they told him he was a little too small for the job.

Foo of the World

After the stop for some fun and drinks, they were back on the water. Foo jumped right to the bow and felt like King of the World! Then he even saw some dolphins, but they were camera shy.

Sailing With Friends

Foo really enjoyed boating with his friends Victoria and Brian, but right before this photo he got distracted by something on the boat. Was it a rat? Get him!

Giant Seafood

Foo was really really hungry, so it was incredibly good that he found this really big seafood.
This guy got a little crabby about it though, and he was hard to catch to stuff in the bucket. Foo prevailed though, and yummy fun as had.

Drinking Time

Foo knows that it's always 5 O'clock somewhere, and that being said it's always time to have a drink. You have to listen to parrots after all.
Foo chose a Red Stripe beer for his drink, mostly because it has Red in the name, but also because he just likes to drink.

Water Bushes

Foo and friends got off the boat for a while to grab a drink and he came upon these really weird bushes that were growing in the water... Foo just hopes they can swim.

Boating Fun

Foo was so excited to get back out onto the water on Victoria's Uncle Tom's boat. He just had to help if he wanted to get it out on the water.
Foo's job was to get the ropes ready and secure once they got them off the dock. He was quick about it and super efficient.
Then they were out on the open waters, enjoying to cool breeze and the salty air. He does love a good splash.

Foo Will, Foo Will Dock You

Foo figured that while in South Carolina, he should be like the locals, and that meant getting out on the water for a sailing good time. Luckily, Foo had connections!

Watch for Alligators

Foo went for a stroll in the neighborhood he was staying in in Hilton Head and came upon this sign. Apparently they like to cross the road here a lot, just like deer, he supposed.
But yet another sign was very informative. He really shouldn't feed the alligators. Whew. That was good. He really didn't feel like being lunch.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Welcome Aliens

While Foo visited South Carolina, he realized that they were a very welcoming state... to UFOs. This here is the UFO welcome center.
And apparently the UFOs have come in force. Foo wanted to go visit the aliens inside, but he just couldn't find an entrance.

Hootie You Do?

Driving along, Foo saw this really wacky sculpture and decided to stop on by to check it out.
As he walked underneath it, Foo found a gigantic guitar pick celebrating Hootie and the Blow Fish, apparently local boys. Ah Hootie... Foo only wants to be with you.

Tunnel of Wall

Foo was about to follow this van into this tunnel and head into the sunset in the middle of the day.
But then he looked at it from a new angle and realized that it was just a mural on a building. If he had gone down that way, he would have just smacked into a wall... It's good to get perspective.

When Big Dogs Have to Go

Especially made for Clifford, the Big Red Dog, this is reportedly the largest fire hydrant in the world. It was even too big for Foo to get a proper leg up, and they really didn't want dogs peeing on it anyway. What a waste!

Tiny Police

This town is a town of tiny proportions. This in fact is the entire police station. Wee little coppers...

We All Live...

Yup. Even Foo. Oh yeah, he went there... in landlocked South Carolina...

Apparently Racy

These statues are known locally as "scandalous." Hmmm Foo would disagree, except local is South Carolina. Yeah, it's just that bad there.

Heritage Lost

Foo just couldn't pass up Heritage USA, founded by the perennially crazy televangelist Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, especially since there was almost nothing left.
It had clearly seen better days, just like their ridiculously insane Jesus Saves mantra.
Santa also apparently had a say in it and was happy to see it go. There's no room in this world for religious zealots of any persuasion. About 2 weeks after Foo's visit, the entire thing was gone. Praise Jebus!

Fountain Fail

See how dangerous those children in back were being, and sadly he was just as dangerous, taking a huge spill when he tried to pose for a photo (notice the lack of tail). Luckily nothing ever gets Foo down. (It took a quick fix of panic and superglue procured from Walgreens.) That was a close one.

Itty Bitty Support

Foo was equally fascinated with this column. How could such an itty bitty little pillar hold up such a huge weight as this canopy. It was pretty, but Foo skedaddled soon after. It made him nervous.

Sun Man

Foo was just walking along when this sun blaze shiny man just jumped out at him and yelled hi! Foo couldn't help smile at that. It was so weird.

Number Fun

Foo was delighted to find this hopscotch thing, but sadly it didn't have all the numbers so he was confused about where to begin. At least it went to 11.

Leaf of Faith

Foo was leafing through the park and came upon this lovely stack of leaves. He just had to leap into action and go to the head of the column.

Cosmos Closeness

Foo knew his fate was in the stars, but for now he would settle for putting his feet in the night sky. Life is about compromises.

Towering Tales

Foo loves to read, so he was so excited when he found these huge towers of books!
But as he got closer, Foo realized they were a little big for him. He wasn't sure he could actually turn the pages.

All the Buzz

The buzz wuz that Foo wanted to ride on this giant bee. Too bad that it wouldn't leave the ground. Yet another opportunity missed.

Poetic Mettle

Foo found it entirely poetic that this poetry was immortalized in metal. He just wished he could take it home, but yet again, it was stuck to the ground.

Leafing it There

Foo tried and tried to pick up this leaf he found because he wanted to take it home with him. Sadly, it just wouldn't budge. He blames somebody's dropped gum.

Looking Good

Foo was just walking along and then realized suddenly that he was being watched... He had to bee careful not to get any schmutz in any of the eyes though.

Synchronized Fishies

While walking through the literary park, Foo came upon these giant fish engaged in a synchronized swimming dance on land.
It was just too good to pass up, so Foo jumped on in an joined up, adding a flash of color to the grayscale splashing fun.

Kickin Back

Foo was happy to find this outdoor living room set, complete with couch, chair and chess table.
And then he found another he could use on cloudy days.
But his favorite part was when he found a Foo-sized cushion of tile that wasn't as comfy as it was stylish, but you can't have everything.

Do You Know the Way?

Foo came across this author park that liked to travel as much as he did. It was a little strange, though.

Fittingly one of the signs for Alice Walker was the color purple, but she was from Georgia and wrote about the deep south where neither Texas nor Arizona fit.
Edgar Allan Poe had signs designating his name towns in Wisconsin, Canada and South Carolina, all far from the Boston area that he made his home. Super spooky.
Although Emily Bronte is an English writer, her signs spanned from north in Minnesota to the south in Texas in the U S of A.
Another odd one was Herman Melville, author of the classic Moby Dick, a sea faring whale of a tale; and yet his name towns were in the very landlocked states of Nebraska and Montana.
Yet another European author, this time Irish by birth, got a weird name deal with the Deep South states of Georgia, largely British in ancestry, and Louisiana, very much inhabited by the French, both of which don't take very well to the Irish.
Trippy author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, did make a little bit of sense with the incredibly trippy states of New York (with its great big intense city of rampant creativity) and Iowa, where it's just odd and full of corn.
Mississippi-born Mark Twain, or Samuel Clemens, kind of got the shaft with his name states. He really never got to California, and frankly, Illinois, although on the Mississippi river, was kind of at the wrong end.
Yet again, Ogden Nash, a native and resident of the Eastern seaboard got far away locations in the barrens of the country in Utah and Oklahoma.
Again terribly odd, Chinese-born author Pearl Buck was bequeathed two of the most historically intolerant states, Indiana, a hotbed of the KKK, and Mississippi, which is well... you know...
Finally one that did kind of make a little bit of sense was frontier author Zane Grey coming up with Utah and Canada. Well, at least Utah anyway. Canada is a pretty big place though.