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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drinking Beer with my Foo'ed Up Friends

Foo got it rockin' at Pour House first with karaoke time alongside Brit and Victoria.

Then he got some lovin' from bartender Sam.

He rounded up the night chillin' with a beer and his new friend Norberto.

Foo Shark!

Foo proved he was a pool hall hustler when he took on opponent after opponent at Pour House in Stafford, Texas. He truly amazed one and all with his triple combo shot to win one of the games!

Frat Prank Foo

Having a Foo too many usually doesn't end well. Foo discovered this when hanging out with some of his new Texas friends at Pour House when they got him into some pretty bad behavior. He came home to a tongue lashing after this one!

Karaoke Master

Foo proved he was a karaoke expert when he got on stage with his friends at Pour House in Stafford, TX. He was a fantastic backup singer.

But then he proved himself a true legend by making his friends' performances all that much more rock-worthy by taking up lead guitar... 

... and helping out Jonathan and Tim with a crowd-pleasing drum solo.

Fierce Foo Frontin' for Friends

Foo decided he wants to be the new spokesFoo for Maintenance Supply Headquarters in Stafford, Texas... He's submitting this first photo as his application.

But he has this one in his back pocket just in case they turn him down. He'll cut you... he'll cut you deep.

Crazy Like a Foo...

Spurred on by his new "bad-influence" friends, Foo got a little happy with the beer. Sadly it was only Bud Light, and he will never drink it again. Ick!

But while it was happening, Foo found all sorts of fun ways and angles to get his drink on. It's like college.... awwww.

Foo and the Boyz!

Foo always makes good friends when he's on the road, and this trip was no exception. Although these guys may be bad in-Foo-ences because they got him smoking, he gives a shoutout to his new besties Mike, Chris, and Bird!

Bucket O' Foo

Foo got so excited about the beer buckets at Sam's Boat that he hopped right in to cool off before Bird could stop him! Ahhhhhh that's nice!


Foo got his belly full of fresh Texas crawfish hanging out on the patio of Sam's Boat in Stafford, Texas. They were a little creepy looking at first, but yum yum so tasty once he pulled the tails off. Foo also loved that they color-coordinated with him!

Map Makers Take Note

Foo found Texas map at the Kemah Boardwalk. He wanted his picture taken in the location of the city that eventually will be renamed Fooston because of his awesomeness!

Swimming With the Sharks!

At the Kemah Boardwalk in Texas, Foo decided to hang out with the sharks.

He loved the deep-sea company so much, he decided to go full fin and found a shark suit of his very own... Foo is ALL jaws!

I-Scream Foo-Scream...

Foo always screams for ice cream! This delightful treat was yummy in Foo's tummy, but he had a hard time deciding just what flavor tickled is tongue, so he romped through this huge ice cream shop until he found the perfect flavor... Foo Moon!

Just Foo-sin....

Foo really had the need, the need for speed in this little speed boat in an ice cream parlor in Galveston, Texas. Sadly, he didn't have any quarters in his pockets... or even pockets for that matter...

Check Mate!

Foo was so excited to find this giant chess board that he ran into the mix and played to his Foo heart's content! He managed to take the black queen shortly after this photo was taken, then trap the king for Foo victory!

I Wanna Be Big!

When Foo saw this Zoltar machine, he knew exactly what NOT to wish for after seeing the movie Big. Foo is fine being a puppy sized Foo. He did wish for extra adventures though, and he definitely got his wish!

Ride 'Em Flipper!

Foo had fun saddling up his dolphin friend and had hopes of going for a wild, wet ride! Too bad there wasn't any water.

Texas Pride

Foo found tons of Texas pride everywhere he went, from Galveston to Kemah. It almost made him feel like he was a Texan too!


Foo loved the gumbo at Gumbo Bar in Galveston. And he loved the wall art as well with all of the tasty seafood represented with cauldron voodoo to boot! He also noticed the bar's Beer brackets, but did NOT agree with someone the winners...


Wino Foo really loved this bottle of wine along with the seafood gumbo at this Gumbo Bar restaurant in Galveston, Texas. As you can see, it made Foo really happy!

Where Can I Find a Big Trumpet?

Foo really needed a huge trumpet for his Big Foo Band, but he wasn't sure just where to look. It should be around here somewhere...

Which Way Did He Go, Foo?

Foo tried his best to find his way around the Strip in Galveston, Texas. It was made a lot easier with this gigantic compass he found on the street! Go West, Young Foo!


Surf's up, Shark Boy! Foo decided to hang 10 with this cool surfer shark dude along Seawall Boulevard in Galveston, Texas. Gnarly!!

Beach Day

Foo and Victoria posed for a photo in this cutout board in Galveston Island. Who knew he was so tall!

Sounds of the Sea

Foo took a moment to listen the the sounds of the ocean in this conch shell. After a long lecture about the virtues of sea turtles vs. land turtles, it ended by encouraging Foo to party it up while in Texas...

A Foo Dog for Your Thoughts?

Foo and Jonathan enjoyed the sound of the gulf waves and the smell of the sea salt air from this store on stilts overlooking the Gulf of Mexico as they pondered all of life's intricacies. Man this is the life!

Clam Up!!!

Foo didn't have much to say about this....

Smelly Rainbow

Foo was both amused and confused by the name on this portapotty: Pot-O-Gold. This would be a really disappointing thing to find at the end of a rainbow.... and just think of the leprechauns... yick!

Gulf of Foo-xico

Foo wanted to jump right into the unusually clean and clear water at the beach in Galveston Island, Texas.

It was certainly warm enough, but the tide was a little rough for his dog-paddling skills. But the spray did feel great on his Foo fur coat!

Wall Sea-Wall Do

Foo got very excited about his first trip to Galveston and first view of the Gulf of Mexico. He first found a fabulous view of the water from this memorial that used to be before one of the big hurricanes.

On his way down to the beach, he came upon this this giant squid graffiti that he named "Inkabod." He wanted to take him home until it was explained to him that it was just a drawing.

Stormy Weather

Foo took a moment to pose with this storm memorial in memory of the victims of the 1900 hurricane. He felt all warm and cozy snuggled into the lady's arms... such a pretty place.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carting Foo Away

After visiting the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, Foo had to be carted away because he'd had so much to drink. Mmmm that's good beer!

What's on Tap?

At the Shiner Brewery, the workers offered to get a picture of Foo with his friends, Victoria and Jonathan at the tapper bar where he got to try four kinds of Shiner beer for free! Boy did Foo love Shiner Bock!! Puppy has some good taste! Most notably, Foo and all got to try the first keg ever of the new Ruby Red Bird beer (a grapefruit beer) before it even hit the stores in Texas!

Shiny Happy Foo Dog

Foo had fun frolicking in the Shiner brewery and had many adventures therein. He wanted to jump in that copper kettle in back, but they warned him no touching.

He settled for sitting on his very own Shiner throne!

Shiny Shiner!

Foo had a fabulous time visiting the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, where they make Shiner Bock and other excellent beers. Fortunately, just made it on the tour. They almost missed it because Foo had to stop to pee (to make room for the beet, he claimed).

Bye San Antonio!

Foo took a final stroll along the riverwalk as he prepared to say goodbye to San Antonio. He had a great time being crazy and culturally explorative in this neat Texas town! Bye for now!

San Antoni-Foo

Foo tried to get the town to change its name to honor him, but when he saw the statue of the one it is named for, he decided he had to let them keep it San Antonio. He takes care of kids afterall.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Haunted Hotel

Staying in the Crockett Hotel was nice, but there are stories that it's haunted. 

After hearing about the ghosts, Foo and Buc-ee were kind of afraid to sleep.... hey what's that on the side?? 

Schpooooooky.... Don't worry, Buc-ee, Foo will protect you!