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Monday, September 12, 2011

Gotta Drink It to Ride

Foo was fascinated to find out that this tie-dyed Rolls Royce could be his... if he redeems 200,000 Saint Arnold six-pack holders. He's got about 150, and bound and determined to reach his goal!

Brewery of Brotherly Love

While at the Saint Arnold Brewery, Foo met some fun and funky new friends from Philadelphia in for a brewery visit and a Phillies game.
All was well until everyone went a little crazy and wanted to lick him and kiss his butt. Aside from a little feeling of being violated, it's nice to meet new people.

Saint Foo's Brew

With the beer warm and nummy in his tummy, Foo went on a tour of the facility to see how the beer was made. Each of these receptacles is named after a saint. Some real, some for fun. He's petitioning now for the St. Foo name to go on the next one.

Foamy, Beery Goodness

Foo enjoyed himself a few glasses of the excellent Saint Arnold beer in the excellently appointed German-style beer hall at the brewery. It made for a happy Foo Dog.

Bar Bar Bar Bar

Foo was super crazy excited to get beer from Saint Arnold himself! 
He was a little miffed to discover that Saint Arnold wasn't actually going to be doing the pouring, but he accepted and enjoyed the beer all the same.

Beer Chips!

At first, Foo misunderstood the concept of why they gave him chips for his beer at the Saint Arnold Brewing Company. He complained a lot about the lack of salt even after learning what they were for.
It wasn't until he saw the bar in its glowy warm halo of light that it really dawned on him that they weren't snacks and could be redeemed for liquid gold.

All Hail Saint Arnold

Upon entering the Saint Arnold Brewery, Foo was greeted warmly by the Patron Saint of Brewers himself. As legend has it, in July 642, the parishioners of Metz, France, went to recover the remains of Saint Arnold from Remiremont to bring back to their town. It was very hot, and they had little to drink and the terrain was inhospitable.

When the exhausted procession was about to leave a city on the way, one of the parishioners prayed, “By his powerful intercession the Blessed Arnold will bring us what we lack.”

Immediately the small remnant of beer at the bottom of a pot multiplied into such amounts that the pilgrims' thirst was quenched, and they had enough to enjoy the next evening when they arrived in Metz.

Needless to say, Foo worshipped the ground beneath his portrait.

This Brew's for Foo

Foo just had to check out Houston's best craft brewery, the Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Not only is it the best, it's the oldest in its class.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Smiley Kyleah!

Foo loves visiting with family, and Jonathan's niece, Kyleah, just loved playing with Foo.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sub-stitution Solution

After being thwarted at getting onto the U.S.S. Lexington battleship, Foo commandeered this interesting-looking sea-going vessel only to realize that there was no water anywhere to be found.

Oh What a Feeling...

... to be dancing on the ceiling. Clearly somebody had a good time, but Foo was rather perplexed that they would do this activity in a bathroom...

99 Bottles of Pier on the Wall...

After a long day of visiting the aquarium, looking all over for sharks (and impersonating them) and getting barred from the battleship museum, Foo settled on down for some great seafood at Pier 99, owned by his friend, Topsy the Turtle.

Foo Sunk My Battleship!

While it really wasn't Foo's fault, he maniacally wanted to take credit for grounding this formidable World War II aircraft carrier called the U.S.S. Lexington.

It's a museum, but they took one look at Foo and turned him away. There was just something crazy about the look in his eye.

Batten Down the Hatches

Foo just had to leap up and check out this torpedo to make sure it really wasn't armed anymore. What a brave (or stupid) Foo!

Ready... Aim... Foo!

Foo jumped up here ready to defend Corpus Christi from the enemy. It was going to be easy since they were out in the open in plain sight... But Foo still thought he needed a bigger gun!

Gotta Fly

Foo was at the beach and really wanted to fly high in the sky, but he just didn't know where to find a plane... Guess he'll have to go to the airport.

Titanic Proportions

Foo knew there were big boats in the world, but he was simply anchored to the spot when he climbed aboard this giant piece of equipment.
Then he was propelled to wonder just how big this ship could really be.

R.I.P. Jellies

Foo was angry then became saddened and dismayed when he found all his jellyfish friends had washed up on the beach and were baking in the sun.

He did his best throw back as many as he could, but as he looked down the beach, there were just too many to save them all.

Foo Dog Square Pants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? This Foo, that's who.

Someone's Poisoned the Waterhole!

Foo swears up and down it wasn't him! Honest... He just loves that line from Toy Story, and he loved channeling his favorite cowboy, Woody on his trip to Corpus Christi.

Hello Foo-ty!

Foo thinks he's turning Japanese, he really thinks so... well, at least he did when he began masquerading as the famous color-coordinated Hello Kitty!

If You Can Beat Them...

Foo decided to join in the sharky behavior and opened his mouth wide to try to fit in with his Foo-size shark friends that he found in a store.

Shark Foo-d?

With Foo's new obsession about sharks, he traveled to a nearby location where the entrance to a store was this huge shark! Foo took a chance that it really was a store and not a real shark that would eat him and was rewarded with a fun shopping experience.

Ride the Turtle

After seeing Finding Nemo a while back, Foo has been obsessed with the idea of riding the waters on the back of a giant turtle, so there was no way he was going to pass up this opportunity, even though it was only stuffed... and not in water... and not in Australia... and not with Marlin and Dory...

Foo in Sharks' Clothing

Some say you should never trust a Foo in sharks' clothing, but really? Who can you trust if you can't trust Foo?
Even if he is surrounded by all those pearly whites... Just look at that smile!


Bring on the Foo-featured Bond film remakes! First up, Octo-Foosy. With his new octo-hat, Foo is ready to wrap his tentacles around anything that moves.

Talon-ted Foot

Foo was fascinated by the size of this bird foot. He searched all over for the bird, but didn't find it. He kept a close watch on the skies all the same...

In the Back-quarium

Foo liked the outside of the aquarium just as much as the inside. They even had a real bayou-like area where real alligators could come up to snack... er... smile.... yeah...

Bone Heads

Foo, as always, tried his best to make friends everywhere he went inside and outside the aquarium, but when he ran into these bone heads, they were very tight-lipped, but at least they consented to smile for the camera.

Surf and Turf

Foo was happy to find friends he could play with in the open air. Problem was Otto the otter was a bit fast for Foo to keep up. 

And Terry the turtle would only come a little bit above the water.

Dolphin Dancing

Foo was so excited to see the dolphin show at the Corpus Christi aquarium that he just couldn't wait for the above-water action! 

He went below, and boy, did he have a great show down there. Derek the Dolphin was particularly friendly and active, laughing and playing and even tossing and catching a ball!

Jelly Balloons

Foo's favorite fishies were the jellyfish, but only because he really wanted to see if they would pop like balloons.

Foo's Fishy Friends

Foo loved his fishy friends and had a great time exploring their underwater lives with them.

Some were big, some were small.

His favorites were the Lion Fish (there was just something familar about them)... 

...and the sting ray chomp, chomp, chomping on his lunch. All this fishy frolicking was making Foo hungry.


Foo couldn't stop laughing at the jokes the ceiling coral was telling him. Who knew Foo could speak Coralese?

Ray of Fight

Foo's new acquaintance, Ray, didn't mind Foo visiting, but he was not a big fan of the paparazzi attention so Foo got mad for him too.