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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Beer!

Foo loves going to all the Flying Saucers, and this was his first time at the Downtown Houston location. He was so excited to get his beer on that he didn't want to share the Fly Paper beer list! Oh Foo. There's beer enough for everybody....

On the Ball

Traffic was so bad after the Dynamo game that Foo and friends walked to a bar downtown, passing Minute Maid stadium on the way where he found this gigantic baseball. He got off quickly because he was worried about the size the bat would be and didn't want to get smacked with that! Still he hopes one day to be able to go to an Astros game and see the inside too!

Soccer Foo-ligan

As in typical Foo style, he made sure to get his Dynamo gear on at the game. Plus, just like his future, it was so bright in the stadium that he had to wear his free shades, which he then leant to his friend Felipe who was staring so stoically into the light.

What a View!

When Foo and crew finally got to their seats at the Dynamo game, they all were stoked at how great a view it was, not only of the field but of the Downtown Houston skyline as well.
The action was so intense, Foo had a hard time looking away. Plus, he kept wanting to go down to the field and run around with the Dynamo players and bite those Valencia guys.
Still, he agreed to take a few photos to show the game in action! He was such a happy Foo Dog!

Forever Orange

Foo's friend Mike was just as excited as Foo to be in the new stadium so they made sure to get a photo together. Although Foo insisted he wasn't exactly orange, Mike kept describing him that way... forever.

Inside of Orange

Foo took some time to check out everything in the new stadium before heading to his seat, and everything there was in orange. He particularly found this mural amusing... but wondered why it was a good idea to show everyone's butt. Do soccer players not have faces? Suddenly frightened Foo moved on.
But he got happy again as he was able to look out onto the field from the promenade. It's a pretty cool view!

Dynamic Structure

Foo was so excited to finally be going to the new BBVA Compass Stadium (home to the Houston Dynamo). Not only was it a cool location to visit, he also got to se his first soccer game!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Goes Down Easy

Not generally one for hard liquor, Foo agreed to try this 7 and 7 at the request of his friend, Rebecca. He found it to be quite tasty actually...

... so much so that in seconds he had drained the whole glass. Needless to say, the night got interesting from there on out.

Tastes Like Heinie!

Foo delightfully wanted to express in a photo exactly what he thinks of Heineken beer, which he calls Heinie-ken because it tastes like ass.

Hanging With the Homies

Foo always loves hanging with friends, especially when he gets to share a beer with his good friend, Bird.
Even Rebecca wanted a photo with Foo despite confessing that he scares her just a little. It looks like they've come to an understanding.
And of course, he's always up for a good time and laugh with Victoria, his most favorite travel companion ever!

Foo-tball USA

Foo was thrilled to find out that they were watching the USA vs Brazil soccer game at Brewski's. The bartender even gave Foo his USA scarf to he could cheer and cheer and cheer. Sadly, USA still lost the game because they wouldn't let Foo play  remotely from the bar.

Most Interesting Foo in the World

When Foo met the Most Interesting Man in the World at Brewski's, the man immediately recognized and heralded Foo as the Most Interesting Foo in the World, something Foo has known and been telling everyone for ages. Foo and the Interesting Man maintain: Stay thirsty, my friends...

Blame the Mustache

Foo discovered while at Brewski's that guns don't kill people, people with mustaches kill people. So therefore mustaches are evil and scary and must be shaved off. Hmmm... he knows a lot of people with mustaches.... must control homicidal rampage....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fireworks at Sunset

When Foo settle in on a boat in the lake to watch the fireworks, he was taken aback and stunned into silence by the beauty of the sunset.
But when the fireworks started it was all hooting and hollering and it was problematic keeping him inside the boat and not drowning in the dark water. They sure were pretty though.

Rocket Foo

When Foo learned he was going to be able to see Memorial Day fireworks, he got so excited he began running around the house to try to find things to blow up. He finally, proudly, found this, and insisted that it was going to be a firework, but it was actually a tiki torch and didn't give him the boom he was expecting.

Four-Wheeled Goodness

Foo was so excited with the opportunity to go four-wheeling around the neighborhood at the lake!
Although Jonathan refused to let him actually drive (frankly because Foo is too short and lacks opposable thumbs), Foo did get a great view from the passenger seat so he could feel "free" with the wind in his curls!

Up a Tree

After he got back from fishing, Foo just went out and enjoyed the great outdoors... and this tree... yeah...

Fish Tales

After Foo expertly got the boat working, they set off into the lake with poles and tackle and all sorts of refreshments for their voyage into the fish-filled seas... well, the lake at least.
Foo didn't realize how long he'd have to sit there, just waiting for the fishies to bite, but bite they did!
And here is what Foo caught! He was so proud of his fishy acquisition that he just had to get a picture with it, but when he was told exactly what would happen to the fish if they kept it, Foo decided this one needed to go back, and it's currently swimming happily back in the lake.

Propelling Problems

Foo and friends wanted to go fishing early in the morning, but when they started to boat, they discovered it didn't work. Luckily for everyone around, Foo is a whiz at mechanical things and was able to figure out the problem and fix it quickly so they could get out on the water and drag in them fishies!

Family Foo-ever

Foo just loves this saying because it's oh so true. He always enjoys spending time with his family even when he roams far from home.

Ready to Ride

Foo wanted to go for a bike ride, but he had a hard time deciding which bike would be best for him to ride. He tried the purple bike, but it  made him feel a bit girly.
Then he hopped on the red bike and knew he had found the one for him. It was color coordinated and all!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Play Til You Drop

Foo loves spending time with friends and family at the lake, especially when they're as fun as Vanessa and Hannah the dolphin.
They laughed, they talked, they played, and they wanted to go play in the water, but Vanessa didn't quite make it there before she passed out in the boat after such a fun afternoon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still Choo-ing

After Foo was cut off from his sushi madness, he was still hungry because he could still see all the sushi coming his way on the conveyor belt. He decided to curb his appetite by following the chopsticks wrapper's instructions, and Choo Choo. It wasn't all that satisfying as a dessert.

How Does Foo Stack Up?

Foo tried tons of cool sushi yummies... some with spicy sauces others with daring ingredients... but all on these really colorful little plates.
He was finally cut off at seven because it was getting kind of expensive, and Foo didn't want to end up washing a stack of dishes taller than he is!

Sushi Hat

Foo was delighted to discover that at this restaurant, they provided you with your very own sushi hat with every plate. It helped that it was clear because Foo wanted to see every bit of fishy goodness he tried, like this peppered tuna.

Sushi on the Move

Foo had a craving for sushi today, so he ventured to a place that claimed they had moving sushi. You can't get fresher than that, so he was excited about the opportunity to run after and catch his own sushi fish!
When he found out that the moving part was just a conveyor belt, it didn't hold the same thrill, but he was still excited to see all the fresh fishy goodness coming right to him!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ice Cream Headache

While at Trade Days, Foo wanted to get an ice cream cone, but when he saw just how big they were, he got an ice cream headache just looking at it and opted instead for a cold drink of water.

Bee Nice

At the Trade Days, Foo met a new friend, Buzz. He was selling excellent honey, as sweet as can bee.

Team Spirit

Foo loves being a Texans fan, and he's always finding great new stuff to decorate his space with Texan pride! Sadly, he just didn't have enough cash on hand, so all he came away with was this picture.

I'm Waiting...

After being told he was going to get to go to Trade Days, Foo was so excited he got right to the car ready to go. As it often happens, he kept waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting... Two hours later...

Prom Foo

Being prom season and all, Foo's friend Andrew got to go to prom and he was crowned the king! Foo was so excited for him, he just had to try on the crown and brag about being friends with royalty.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sleepy Puppies

After a very long day of romping all over the property and swimming in the lake, Foo and his buddy, Winchester, just collapsed on the couch and immediately started snoring... It's tough being a rough and tumble puppy!

It's All Fun and Games...

...until someone almost drowns. And that's what happened at the lake today. Foo was being too rambunctious and didn't have his lifejacket on, so when he struggled to make it back to the surface, Winchester dove into the water to save him and got him back up onto the raft.
Winchester thought all was well until he looked over and noticed that Foo wasn't breathing.
But luckily Winchester never is one to panic, and he immediately felt Foo's head for his temperature and checked his body for a heartbeat.
Then Winchester quickly began administering CPR (he's so glad he took those classes) by blowing air into Foo's mouth...
...then pushing on his chest to try to get the water out and his heart beating.

After several minutes of this Foo came to and started laughing uproariously.
Apparently Foo was only showing Winchester again how to "play dead" and he was fine the whole time! Exhausted by the efforts, Winchester collapsed onto Foo and nearly fell into the water himself.

In spite of Foo's mean joke, they made up and are still good friends.