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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flying it Wrong

Foo travels in the airport all the time, but he thought that the planes were supposed to be outside the hangar instead of inside... Now that's service!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hungry Duck

When Foo saw that a giant duck had swallowed his new friend Carla, Foo was all concerned and jumped up to try to save her. But when he realized she wasn't upset about it he took another look and realized she was just wearing a duck costume. Silly Carla!

A Puzzling State

At first Foo was puzzled by the colorful nature of this U.S. map, but when he finally realized it was a puzzle, he was so excited he knocked it over and all the states fell out. Good thing he is an extensive traveler so he had no problem at all putting it back together. He can't say the same for Humpty Dumpty.

Adventures in Barbie Land

When Foo ventured into the basement to check out Holly's Barbie collection, he never thought he'd run into so many little plastic people. Wow. It was crowded!

We All Live in A Hot Pink Submarine

Apparently they were all out of yellow submarines at the time, but Foo and Mike did get to cruise around with Noelle in this hot pink number for a while. And they got to see Nemo along the way! 

Leinie Leap

Foo was in luck at the party because they had tons of Wisconsin beer on hand to make the party perfect!
Of course, when he gets that Leinie's fever, there's no stopping the Foo party animal!

Want Cake Now!

Foo was so excited when he saw the awesome cake that Noelle was going to get for her birthday! It was truly No. 1 in his book for looks and taste.
But good luck if anyone else was going to try to get to the cake before the birthday song time! Foo was the meanest, guardiest cake protector in the land!

Cap'n Foo

About halfway through the party, Foo assessed all those around him and decided he needed to pull rank and take over at the helm...  Yeah that didn't last long because Mike really wanted his hat back.

Under the Sea Dining

Foo and friends had a delightful time dining and hanging out under the sea. Captain Mike had everything under control, and some people got that, but others... they just weren't sure about his navigation skills.

Grandpas Unite!

At Noelle's party, everyone worked hard to put the shindig together, but the grandfathers were caught sitting on the job, watching golf no less!

The Swimming Tree

Foo was excited to find species of fish and crabs that like to swim up trees. It means for fun adventures even on land!

No Bubble For You

Figures that when Foo finally got a chance to visit with this bubble-blowing octopus, it refused to blow any bubbles... Bubble Nazi...

Shark in the Watermelon

Foo had heard of sharks in the water before, but never in the watermelon! He kept walking around and around and around, trying to figure out how he could swim in the counter, but it did have a nice set of jaws!

Octo Dip!

Foo and this googly eyed guy wanted to go for a dip IN the dip, but once the octopus was buried in the sour cream, there was no more room for Foo!

Swedish Fish on Ice

Foo knew that Swedish Fish liked the cold, but he never thought they would go all the way and turn into ice cubes! Foo would just have to wait until they thawed so he could jump in there and scoop them out to play... in his mouth!

Goldfish Bar

Foo was looking for some action, so he decided to hang out at the Goldfish Bar. Sadly most of the goldfish there were crackers!

Part of That World

Foo just couldn't help but be totally entranced by Ariel's singing when he showed up for his friend Noelle's 1st birthday party Under the Sea.

Piano Serenade

Foo always loves hearing Victoria's dad play the piano, especially when he plays "The Pink Panther," which Foo currently is lobbying to have changed to "The Red Foo Dog." Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum da-dum da dum da-dum da dummmmmmm... da da da da da da...

Tree Go Blue

At Victoria's parents' house, her dad is so into Michigan that even the trees say, "Let's Go Blue!" But being the Foo that Foo is, he trained the tree to yell the proper phrase: "Let's Go Foo!"

The Big House?

Foo had always heard that the football stadium at the University of Michigan was called "The Big House," but when he actually approached it, he couldn't even fit one Foo in there! Maybe there's a magic football spell that they cast on the attendees...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bad-Behaving Brewski Bartenders

Foo always gets love from the Brewski bartending babes when he visits that establishment.
However, this time he got a little hungry and all bets were off for this one's index finger.
But she quickly forgave Foo, but she had a weird way of showing it...

Replacement Refs

Foo was none too pleased with all the replacement refs for NFL, but he does get along with his friend Kenny who refs in his spare time then comes to hang out with Foo at Brewski's.

Zine Fest and Friends

After the radio show was done, the entire crew interviewed to promote the upcoming Zine Fest Houston got together for a group photo with the DJ and sound guy. Come on out and support the zines!!!! (Oct 6, 3-8 pm, Super Happy Fun Land, Houston)

Foo-nterviewing Skills

At last, it was Foo's turn to go on, and he had a blast! He got to talk about his blog and how excited was was about Zine Fest Houston coming up the next week (October 6, 3-8 pm, Super Happy Fun Land in Houston--you should go!). The DJ had a hard time keeping a straight face, but that's just how Foo rolls!

Sounds Good

When it was almost Foo's turn, he ventured closer to the studio because he wanted to see how it all worked inside. He just loved watching the sound guy do his thing.
But when Foo got too close to the sound boards, he learned just how protective the sound guy was of his equipment, and they had a mighty (but silent) brawl for control.
In the end, Foo and the sound guy came to an agreement and all was well and smiley, especially since they realized all they had in common, especially the hair.

Hurry Up and Wait

Foo has that tendency to be really really really early for things, so when he got to the radio station he had to wait a long time until he went on. At least he was prepared.
As the time got closer, Foo moved into the next room so he could at least see what was happening in the studio. But there was still quite a line ahead of him.
Little by little the line shortened, and like a good Foo Dog, he waited patiently with one of his books for his turn.

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Foo loved this artwork in the radio station. It's true. We all should be able to get along despite what odd beliefs we all have, but silly people let those things get in the way of positivity and creativity. So sad...

Come on!

When Foo got to the radio station, he found his marching orders, and they were intense! He just wasn't sure what he was supposed to go and take...

Wacky Wall

Foo was on his way to the radio station for his on-air gig when he just came upon this fabulous mural in a parking lot. Pretty colors and cool shapes? He just wonders if Waldo is somewhere in there...

Phantom Jet?

When Foo heard there was a phantom jet somewhere in Houston, he didn't think this is what he would find. He was expecting something like Wonder Woman's invisible jet, but whatever. This was cool too!

Smashy Smashy

Foo was just walking along the street when all of a sudden this gigantic hammer came along and smashed this car friend right in the middle. Poor car friend. Foo took the initiative and is going to send condolences to his relatives in Radiator Springs. 

Cemetery Parking

Apparently nothing stands in the way of progress in Houston, seeing as this cemetery is now in the parking lot of an auto body shop... At least they didn't dig up the bodies on the prime real estate.
Or maybe the cemetery is really for these kind of deaths... a rusted out old-time car. Wonder when the car funeral is...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ambassador Autographs!

When Foo found out there were former Texans there giving autographs out for free, Foo just had to check it out! He was so excited and got right in line.
When it was his turn, he not only got the autographs, but he got a picture with the awesome Danny Clark and Bubba McDowell, some of the first Texans ever!

Wall of Stars

When Foo finally was rested, he wandered about the stadium and found the names of his favorite players and their charities. How cool that the big guys are such generous softies!

Brian Cushing certainly crushes the competition, and then he goes out and leads a crusade!
 The fantastic Andre Johnson supports his crew!
Danieal Manning definitely knows how to man up by giving back to the community.
And JJ Watt marches on with his soldiers after sacking every quarterback in the league. Woohoo! You go guys!

Refuelation and Relaxation

Foo knows bananas are great for you after a race, so he was glad to get one from the race people. He gobbled it up super fast...
Then quickly passed out right there on the concrete. Boy was Foo tired! 

Inside the Belly of the Texan Beast

When asked what was the best part of the race, Foo said that it was just cool being inside the stadium at ground level and looking up at just how big it was. Dressed in his Texans uniform, he knew that if the team were there, they'd ask him to play.
But sadly there were no players and no grassy field, only this cool painted Texans logo on the cement floor.
Another thing he really like was that he got to run through the Texan Tunnel as he finished his race. So that's what it's like to be inside a cow!