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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Magical Mushroom House

Built by architect Terry Brown over a decade, this unusual home is decked out in wood, colored glass, shell or ceramics that Foo just loved.
Foo thought he was in Wonderland when he saw the front of this Mushroom House. Its crazy shapes and colors just delighted Foo so much that he wanted to move in.

Town Mural

Foo just had to stop and check out this pretty mural in Newport, Kentucky. Lovely flowers and lots of history made for an enjoyable viewing.

Notre Huh?

Foo was just driving through Kentucky, and low and behold he came upon a miniature Notre Dame cathedral! Some day he hopes to get to go see the real thing overseas, but he hasn't quite gotten his passport yet.

Metallic Tribe

Foo just had to go see this metal teepee he heard about. He really wanted to find the metal Indians from the metallic tribe, but it seems they were all out to lunch.

War Horse

One of the perks of visiting the home of the Kentucky Derby was learning about the famed Man o' War, one of the most celebrated horses in the racing world.
Man o' War also was gracious enough to take a picture with Foo, but oddly the horse looked a little stiff.

Pony Play

While at the Kentucky Derby's racetrack, Foo got to frolic and play with some cute pony pals in the yard. That made up for not being able to race on the track.

Thoroughly Racing

Foo couldn't make a trip to Lexington, Kentucky, without a visit to one of the most famous horse racing tracks in the world, Keeneland, home to the Kentucky Derby. He was all ready to start when they informed him that he had to be a horse to actually race.

Model Mortar

Lots of buildings are brick and mortar, but this pharmacy turned liquor store took the mortar part very literally as the largest mortar and pestle around.

Wild Side

Foo decided to get wild in style with the University of Kentucky's wildcat mascot. The cat was so distracted that Foo became distracted, too, which made for not the best photo, but Foo did catch a squirrel.

Tour de Chicken

After giving his own take on Colonel Sanders' secret formula, Foo continued on his tour of the original KFC.
At the museum, Foo got to learn all about the colonel and how all of the KFC stuff got started.
He was also amused at the original prices. Boy chicken was cheap!
By the end of the tour, Foo looked at the time, and it was time for CHICKEN!

Colonel Foo

At the original Kentucky Fried Chicken, Foo got a personal tour of the place by none other than Colonel Sanders himself. First they enjoyed a nice chat on the bench.
Then the colonel took Foo into his office to tell Foo the super secret spice blend and get his thoughts.

Kentucky Fooed Chicken

A highlight of Foo's trip was finding the Birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the original Sanders Cafe.

He got to take a tour of the original kitchen setup.

But the best part was actually getting to try the famous KFC food. It's still finger-lickin' good.

Fast Track

Foo always likes the fast lane, and so he was overjoyed when he found this rocket ship waiting to be driven.
But when he learned it had no gas, Foo settled for this miniature NASCAR fun to ride upon.

Big Bubbles

Foo wanted a lot of bubble gum, but he wasn't sure where to get it. Luckily, this pink elephant friend tapped him on the tail and he found a super big stash.

King of Blues

Foo just had to see what this king of the jungle had for lunch. Apparently it was a lot of blueberries that ended up turning the chap a peculiar shade of blue. At least his breath was good.

Mama and Baby Time

Foo found fun animals all over that wanted to play, including the big mama-size giraffe...
...and this cute little Foo-size pal.
 Then he found this huge pink elephant on parade...
...and was able to size up with this cute little blue tyke with a winning smile.

Horseback Foo

Foo always loves opportunities to ride horses, but this one was a little worse for wear. That, and he the horse wouldn't go anywhere. The ride didn't last long.

Chicken Patriotism

There's something to be said for patriotic farm fowl, and this one really took the cake. Foo wanted to know if his name was Sam, but he wouldn't stop standing at attention and guarding his flag.

Leapin' Lizards

Foo was positioned to take a peaceful photo with the forested backdrop when this large lizard leaped up and got into the game. Luckily Foo is spry and was able to get away before he became a yummy snack.

Fire Brigade

The irony that this place burned down in a fire was not lost on Foo when he found these old-fashioned firetrucks.
Immediately, he hopped on board both these fire vehicles and was lost to the view as he matched the color quite markedly.

Black Cat Beheading

Foo at first was afeared for this black kitty friend that he had lost his body, but then Foo remembered that the Cheshire Cat always went without his, so the two of them happily posed for a friendly photo.

Save Ferris

Foo was saddened to learn that this place was closed after a big fire ravaged it. He really wanted to go on the Ferris wheel and go round and round and round up and down.

Rocket Pocket

Foo found himself adventuring at a place called Titan Fireworks where they put the big in boom. Foo really wanted to light up and shoot off this big sucker.
But he quickly was reminded that this was a patriotic palace that needed him to have some decorum.

Dragon Delights

This great big green dragon was so excited to find a friendly face in Foo that he nearly hopped right off his rock and flew around the place. Foo told him that he couldn't stay long and although there were tears, they parted well and promised to write.

Mine Boom

Foo found a sad but important memorial to the fifth worst mining disaster in U.S. history. The concentric circle of headstones mark the 184 men who died in the blast, leaving the town of Rocky Top with only three adult males. Foo makes four.

Clowning Around

Foo just loves to clown around, especially when he gets to hang out with clowns.
Foo got to be a clown himself with this group of "stowers"... and even shot it up as a wild west cowboy.

Plane Station

Foo was looking for some gas on his trip through Tennessee and heard tell that this place had it. Sadly it was closed, but he did find that it was once a gas station and also once a plane. Talk about double duty!

Woman Power

Foo is all about women being chief in the decisions of almost everything, so it was nice to see this statue of famous Tennessee suffragists Lizzie Crozier French of Knoxville, Anne Dallas Dudley of Nashville and Elizabeth Avery Meriwether of Memphis who fought for the vote.

Bell of the Mall

Foo just couldn't wait to ring this bell loudly, but it was not hanging so it wasn't as impressive as it could be. Regardless, Foo still considered himself the bell of this ball.

Sparkling Heights

Foo was thrilled to find these sparkling jewels just out in public. Score! But alas as he tried to climb the column, he kept slipping down. Guess he'd have to wait to make his fortune elsewhere.

Chalk it Up

Foo just loved seeing the chalk art in the park, especially those as funny this one punning on the local dogwood flower with some of Foo's furry friends.
Then he went under the sea and found fascinating friends, including a dolphin, a jelly fish and even a mermaid.
Foo then played coy with these lifelike yet giant koi fish who were swimming in the pavement.
But Foo's favorite were these art models in the act of creating the art right there in the park!