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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Don't Chicken Out

Foo just loved this poster at the entrance of the Buffalo Wild Wings in Austin. But fear not, birdy friend, Foo as only here to eat buffalo wings, not anything from a chicken...

University Printing

Foo made it all the way through Austin and even drove by the university without really stopping for any photos because he was just really, really hungry and tired from a long day on the road, but when he sat down for dinner, he saw this poster, so he did get a picture after all.

Dropped My Fork

Did Foo mention he was hungry? Good thing he had this gigantic fork to use to eat his gigantic meal!

Wise Owled Building

Apparently the architect of this building in Austin was denied entrance to the local University of Texas. Instead, he went to Rice University in Houston, where the mascot is the owl. Upon making it big and being hired by in Austin to design this building, he decided to make it look like an owl from a certain point of view as a joke... Foo waited for it to take flight, but he couldn't stay long because he was getting hungry.

Ride 'Em Rabbit Boy

Apparently in Texas, even the rabbits are bigger than everywhere else in the world. They’re so big that even Texas cowboys learn to ride them so they can lasso passing tourists on the streets of Austin.

Carmen Zebranda

Foo heard that Austin was weird, but when he found this zebra all dolled up like Carmen Miranda and ready to get her salsa dancing on, he realized they were not wrong about the weirdness.

Open Up and Say Ahh

When Foo saw the cool entrance of this tattoo shop, he just couldn't help trying to get his mouth as big as this colorful skull. Man, doing that all day has got to hurt the jaw muscles.

Peter Pan Putt Putt

Apparently since leaving Never Neverland, Peter Pan has opened up a mini golf course in Austin, Texas. He guess that makes sense though. How else would Tinkerbell be able to play?

Magical Music Hat

Foo knows that if you dress the part, that puts you halfway toward your goal. That is why he wanted to try on this cool scat-cat hat when he visited South Austin Music. In the end, it didn’t really make him all that musical, but it did make him quite popular. He had to beat the groupies away with a stick!

Foo-Dolin Player

Foo decided against the gigantic guitar and went inside South Austin Music to find an instrument more to his speed. At the recommendation of the very help store employees, they fitted him out with this stunning mandolin. Now if he only had hands...

Big Rock Star

When Foo saw this gigantic guitar, he just knew that he was destined to become a huge rock star. Now he just has to figure out how to get it down from there... and how to play it. Eh... details...

Knight and Day

As sun began to set in the West, Foo ran into this dashing fellow who was standing guard quite steadily outside of a music store. He must have seen some pretty intense battle because it looks like he lost an arm, but knowing knights, he probably considers it just a flesh wound.

It's a Miracle Taco!

Although Foo didn't get a chance to eat here, he did drop by to say hi to the fabulous Taco Maria statue. She was pleased to see Foo in Austin, and she welcomed him with open arms.

Robo Longhorn

Foo had heard that Austin was the town of big longhorn cattle, and a university dedicated to them as well, but he did not expect to see bionic composite beasts roaming the ranches of the city.

Alcohol and Friends

Very true about so many people Foo knows! Alcohol is a helpful tool like that, making people more interesting and more desirable since they first developing writing!

The Public Are Idiots

Yes... this is proven time and time again by stories in the news. 'Nuf said.

Speed Demon

Foo just liked this sign because it just reminded him of someone he knows... someone red and always on the go... but he just couldn't put his Foo paw on it. The only problem with this sign is that Foo now wants a cigar.

1,000 Posts With Attitude

How fitting that this is OFFICIALLY the 1,000th blog post on the Foo Dog Blog!!!

The sign says it all... Screw 'em if they don't like Foo's attitude because he's just having fun.

Congratulations Foo on many posts and many more to come! Huzzah!

Ticky Ticky Tabby

It’s always time for cats, even this crazy time-telling breed. All was well with this cat, named Ticky, until Foo tried to chase his swinging tail. Then there were shrieks and dirty looks. Not at all pleasant.


Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! Foo just couldn't get enough of pressing all the buttons on this old register, even though he wasn't supposed to, just because he loved the sound. Cha-Ching! Swoosh!

Foo-izens on Patrol

Always a fan of the show CHiPs, Foo was excited to know that Texas also had a highway patrol like California. Foo knows that the Texas Highway Patrol could use his help, especially if he would get to ride one of their highway bikes. Vrrrrooooooom!

Fuzzy Lovin'

Foo was so inspired by the classic cars from the 1950s and 1960s that he insisted on buying a pair of these fuzzy dice. They never made it up onto the rearview mirror, though. Foo insisted on using them as a chew toy instead.

License to Foo

Foo finally said screw it to having a proper license to drive. He has a license to Foo and that's more than enough credentials to have. He just loved riding in his convertible with the top down, the wind in his fur and the horn ready to blast at pokey drivers!

TV Dinosaur

Although not a classic car, this is certainly a classic piece of the American past. Foo knew this was a TV, but he had a hard time understanding how he would get it to stay up on his wall at home. And where was the remote?

Run Simba Run

Foo had a need, a need for speed so he hopped aboard this helpful lion friend (conveniently fitted with a saddle) to take him to infinity and beyond! Or at least to the next museum display.

Call 9-1-1

Oops! When Foo took this sweet convertible for a spin in the showroom, he didn't quite notice the guy behind his car... He's really sorry about it and he did leave a note.

Going to the Drive In

Now that's what Foo's talking about. He really needs one of these sweet rides to take his new sweetie, Marilyn, to the drive-in movies.
Especially if he could turn the back end of his car into this couch. How sweet would that be to pull into the drive-in space backwards and check out the latest flicks on the big screen?

Reveal and Carry?

Foo was amused by this funny chap who was taking a walk in the car museum. Such a strange getup to be wearing, and he also was packing a piece. Foo thought the law in Texas was conceal and carry, not reveal and carry...

Earning His Racing Stripes

Foo was eager to hop into this old-time racing car to take it for a spin around the track at breakneck speeds. Sadly, since he was not an advertiser, they wouldn't let him cross the chain line... He's gotta get on that!


Foo thought this military jeep was quite the interesting piece. Apparently it was part of the U.S. Navy and worked about light aircraft carriers. Foo was confused by this as he figured vehicles with wheels would probably work better on land... but that's just him.

Energizer Foo Dog

Foo decided he wanted to test his battery at this cool vintage battery tester by Ford. Apparently Foo has a lot of charge in his personality because boy did that thing light up!

I Will Call Them Mini Cars

Foo had no idea that he would find tiny cars made just for him at Dick's Classic Car Garage. He particularly liked this stylish old-school convertible, especially because of the green wheels to match the paint finish.
Foo thought it was awesome that there was even a little army jeep made just for him. He couldn't wait to drive it into battle!
There was simply no end to the Foo-friendly vehicles, including this mini red convertible, the mini red firetruck and the mini red plane. Foo was totally in heaven. Too bad he doesn't have a driver's or pilot's license...

How, Motorcycle-Sabe

Found was super excited to get a chance to ride this vintage 1936 Indian motorcycle at Dick's Classic Car Garage. He thought it looked really cool, and he looked really cool on it, but he wondered where on it he could store his arrows and teepee...

Foo Dogs Are a Girl's Best Friend

Foo Dog was super star struck when he met the famous and lovely Marilyn Monroe. She was really nice and even sang Foo his own version of "Santa Baby," which she called "Foo Dog Baby." Boy, now that's a woman!

Foo Dog Without a Cause

Foo couldn't believe his luck when he ran into the talented actor, James Dean. James really got a kick out of Foo and invited him to cruise in his silver Porsche Spyder, but Foo heard it was cursed so he passed and stuck to his silver Honda Accord.

Little (Big) Wooden Boat

Foo was excited that he got to board this classic wood-paneled speed boat at the classic car museum. He just knows it is going to be a chick magnet... too bad there's no water.

Maybe Foo Should Drive

At Dick's Classic Car Garage, Foo was fascinated to find cars from all the ages, including cars from the very beginning...
...cars for the very very rich...
...and cars that just reminded Foo of the 70s and the Brady Bunch.

Fill 'Er Up

After all the driving that Foo was doing, he need he finally needed gas, so he found these old-style gas pumps at Dick's Classic Car Garage.
Although not much for pumping actual gas, Foo did think it was neat to see how the brands and pumps used to look.

Harp You There, God?

For a moment, after the strong beer hit him hard, Foo thought he heard the song of angels... but it turned out to just be the harp on this beer label and the sound of the beer cooler humming.

Fabulous in Faust

As always, Foo is famous for making friends with the bartenders, and Claudia was so super cool that she even posed with the t-shirt and glass, showing just how good of a time he had at the bar!

Bacon Beer?

Foo was fascinated when he found out that the Faust Brewing Company actually had a maple bacon infused beer. Foo just had to try it!

It proved a little too strong for his taste, so he settled on their delightful rich German-style Alt beer. Yum, yum good!

I Believe I Ordered the Large Beer

When Foo got to the Faust Brewing Company in New Braunfels, TX, he was really really thirsty. Luckily they had these gigantic steins ready to fill for his mega beer.
And just to prove that everything's bigger in Texas, the state had its very own giant stein.